Guacamoleboard | 6374 190kv | VESC | 2.4ghz Nano remote controller | 10s4p

Sorry for the dissapointment but…it aint made out of guacamole.

Decided to take on a project besides my studies, saw the electric skate/longboards and fell in love straight away.

Ordered some stuff from Diyelectricskateboard and it was so smooth even with the long ride overseas - lovely!

Finally got my stuff right before christmas and decided to get something going here and share my progress!

As I got the motor, trucks, wheels, vesc and remote a week ahead of my actual longboard I decided to mount it on my skateboard - for the giggles :joy:

Got myself my board - mounted trucks and wheels. its a very flexy board but tried it a quickie and it feels really nice so far. Might get abit unstable at higher speeds due to the flex though.

Got my hands on a e-bike batterypack, 10s4p and was thrilled - til I realised they were Samsung ICR18650-26F 2600mAh - 5.2A which dont seem to cut it for an electric skateboard.

So for now I’ve not yet got my batteries due to problems with hobbyking - was gonna order 3s5000ah lipos from hobbyking and connect them into a 12s instead - but luckily order didnt go through. I would’ve problably regret it by now as I looked more and more towards the 18650 battery packs.

Decided Im gonna try build my own - made myself a layout of how I want it but still not decided.

Since my deck is quite flexible I most likely gonna go with a 10s3p setup to save space - might go 10s4p, or 12s3p. Any thoughts?

Also as Im not using a spotwelder this often I looked around alot and some people soldered straight onto the cell which I kinda want to avoid. Saw that some places sell their batteries with nickel solder tags from them. Quite thin thought ( 30x7x0.12mm ), is it possible to solder a lets say 10awg wire on thoose instead to avoid the soldering on the battery or would it just be taking to much heat due to the size of the soldertag?

Anyway, if you have any feedback or tips from what you read here - especially about the battery part Im greatful for advice!

Wish me good luck! :grin:

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Update - Batteries now in progress, made the 6s4p part of the battery.

Decided to solder it with a high watt iron - barely soldered for god knows how many years so was nice with a little refresher. Had some bad solder joints but after some more soldering I started getting the hang of it and it seemed to have a strong hold.

Making the battery split into two sections ,one 4s4p, and one 6s4p to be connected as a 10s4p. (inspiration from @whitepony).

Tried the board with the 6s4p - got to excited and damn, alot of power eventhough not the 10s setup.


Made some simple “templates” and recorded myself bouncing on the board just to check the flex along with my future enclosure sizes for this board, and gotta say, Im slightly worried :joy: Seem like the enclosure area wont take to much bend from the flex but the ground distance is the worrying part. Was bouncing pretty hard on the board though to try and max it out.

Waiting on some orders now for my enclosures and also battery capacity display along with some wood inserts for the enclosures. After that I gotta order the charger whenever spring festival is over. :slight_smile:

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Looking good so far!

What did you decide/conclude regarding the soldering tags? I’m considering them as well.

Maybe add spacers to your trucks?

Yeah was thinking about it but decided Im gonna try do it this way. Might even try and rear mount the motor so I can put the enclosure closer to the trucks, but that means to make an extended motor mount along with a longer belt. Got 3mm spacers on it atm and wanna avoid making the board higher as for now.

Thanks! Well was gonna go for a spotwelder since I truly believe I would get down to making battery packs more often, but wasnt sure. Either way decided to try this, went abit back and forth of how I wanted to connect them, ended up using copper braids due to the flexibility, was either that or cables but braid seemed fine and cheaper(easier for me to get aswell).

Also consulted my dad to see what he thought about it (used to work in tv-repairs back when you actually repaired televisions :stuck_out_tongue: ) And his opinion was to solder it aslong as I would do a quick job doing so. Used a 90w old soldering iron. Was very smooth and fast. Only thing I did was underestimating how good of a heat conductor copper really is :stuck_out_tongue: Bad mistake, voltage seem fine but will see in future whenever i get my charger how that paralell holds up.

Nice seeing another Swede here!

Build looks good, have you bought the spot welder yet?

More swedes, sweet!:smiley: No, never got down to buy one since I soldered my batteries. I’d love to have one though so might look at buying one later on.

Ok! I’ve actually got a spot welder. Not sure how long it’s going to hold up(there has been some weird noises at times) but if you’re doing another pack don’t hesitate to PM me if you want it spotwelded.

Are you done with the enclosure?

Oh thanks, will keep that in mind next time! Where did you get it from?

Not yet. Been having a lazy week. Might start making something to shape if after tomorrow so I can make atleast one out of the two enclosures.

Aliexpress, it was like 2000kr.

Nice, at least you’re making progress! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do my enclosure since summer.

ok,Yeah also been putting some amount of thought into how and what to make mine out of…

if I had a spare oven that I could use to heat abs or kydex, I’d build some kind off vacuum forming rig. Gonna try shaping kydex using a heatgun over a shape.

Don’t bother with a heatgun, honestly. Tried it, didn’t work out. I did put kydex on some bakplåtspapper and then put it in the oven in the kitchen. Worked great, except I didn’t have a vaccum table and instead tried to force it with a jig. So that was a failure.

As long as the kydex doesn’t get burnt, either by touching anything but the bakplåtspapper or for staying in the oven for too long, it should be OK. But I did make sure to put the fan on max and open a window when I did it.

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Hey swedes! Greetings from Denmark! Where do you live in Sweden? If you live in the south, maybe we could meet up some day?

Yeah, I kinda wanna avoid putting it in my kitchen oven.

I did see a guy here using oven,and a jig and then heatgun for small corrections. Turned out really good his results! Barnes’d on youtube if you want to check him out. Hes also on this forum, cant remember his name however.

Hey, Yeah I live 20minutes from the bridge. Outside malmö, So Im pretty close atleast. Currently need to finish my build and wait for weather then Im up for meeting up!

Hey Dane! A meet up would be awesome! But like Guacamoleface I need to finish up my board first.

Yeah, I’ve seen Barnes’d! His videos helped me connect my nunchuck to the VESC.

Sounds great! I live about 25 minutes from the bridge - so I guess a meetup could be possible! The weather is indeed not great at the moment… when it gets warmer you are welcome to use some of my boards if you like. :smiley:

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Sounds like great fun! You ride alot? Got any nice spots you ride? :smiley: