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Guage of wire in battery packs?

So I have some crazy plans. I’m waiting for an x-carve cnc milling machine to arrive and I plan to cnc mill my own hollow decks with it.

I am attempting to make a decently thin board with this and as a result, I have decided my best bet to utilize 100% of the inside space is to build my own pack. I’m am planning on either a 10s or 12s configuration, but to keep board thin, I will solder two cells on top of each other and wire the rest together.

My question is does anyone have any advice as to the gauge of wire I should use between cells?

I was thinking 8 gauge, but maybe I’m not visualizing the flow of electricity correctly, so I just wanted to double check.

I think 8awg will be plenty big enough
even 10 would be fine

Yeah i use 10 awg on my discharge leads wherever possible.

@evoheyax we had this thread about wire gauge a while back that might have some helpful info. GL!

You can go with a higher gauge than 10 awg if they are short lengths but I use 10 awg throughout my builds.

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Sweet! I’ve always wanted an x-carve :smile:

I just need to figure out how I’m going to store it and where to run it, lol.

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