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Guide and options for buying a complete electric skateboard

After seeing the increasing number of build threads and production updates detailing members of the forum building high quality electric skateboards for customers, I saw a need for a thread to show newcomers to the forum, who don’t feel comfortable building their own electric skateboard, all the options and sellers available in one place without digging through the forum.

so here it is run by @longhairedboy
@longhairedboy presses and cuts his own decks from his garage. He can take requests for different board shapes to fit your liking. For drive types he offers single drive, dual rear, and dual diagonal. For battery systems he offers Li-ion 36v 360 watt hours pack and a Li-ion 43v 430 watt hours pack. run by @onloop
@onloop’s boards use a carbon fiber deck that is shaped to fit all of the electronics so it has a thin form factor. For the drive train he offers dual rear and single drive. For the battery he offers a 36v Li-ion 270 watt hour pack. in the near future @onloop plans on adding more options for board types. Based in Australia. run by @chaka
@chaka is unique in the fact that he mills out a middle cavity of his decks to fit the battery and the vesc(s). this means there is no enclosure bolted to the bottom so it looks a bit sleeker. He is currently not selling complete boards but should return in the near future.

product/complete-dual-motor-electric-skateboard/ run by @torqueboards
this board uses dual diagonal drive. no other information given.

if anyone has anything to add please reply to this topic. i will add more to this post tonight.

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what about torqueboards?

diy doesn’t sell completes

Yes he does, he has some for sale on the site and he is making new ones.

seeing as how you would still need to buy a deck, controller, charger, and batteries im pretty sure this wouldnt count as a complete build.

Apart from that he does sell a full electric longboard

well thats no fair, he hasnt categorised them on his site yet.

He will actually start selling better completes, like the raptor.

im guessing you’re near TBs location? what other insider info you got :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I do not, I just speak a lot to him. Well he is working on a complete board, it is aluminum!