Guide and software for ‘old’ Enertion FOCBOX Motor Controller


In 2018 I bought two FOCBOX motor controllers. Because of home renovations I did not have the time to build my eboard till now.

I actually noticed that Enertion has stopped unfortunately. I’m now looking for the FOCBOX user guide (the link in my order conformation from enertion is dead) and for the software to program the controllers.

Is there any way to get those? On the forum I can only find information for the FOCBOx Unity.

I must say that I’ve lost track of this community and hope that I’m still able to use my controllers :smile:

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Welcome to the forum.

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You can. I’ve never seen an actual guide other than vesc tool.

You don’t need enertion software or tools, Use the latest VESC tools.

This video gives a pretty good setup overview.

Otherwise, some official VESC video tutorials & documentation here:

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The variESC Tool will work, the VESC Tool will also work. There are many tutorials on youtube, try looking at some of the Lee Wright videos

Is that your variation of it Brian? And where do I download it?

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prob would find it on that video he talked about from LEE WRING DIY ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD BUILDER

Knock knock?

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Thanks for the input, good to know that I can use the VESC-tool or variESC-tool. I’m going to look into some YouTube tutorials!