GUIDE: How to Clean your Bearings and Wheels

Nothing wrong with bones reds. Just need a spacer between the bearings is all.


Why are spacers that important ? I’ve seen that before but never quite get why putting a spacer is better.

This pretty much covers it. Assists with longevity.

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Perfect answer, thanks!

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Iso is a great non selective solvent, but often more expensive. Likewise acetone… metho, or methylated ethanol so people dont drink it is actually much cheaper. So much so you can use volumes more and still save $$$ commonly available at hardware depot type stores for cheap.

I ended up buying some zealous. They also seem a good brand!!! Time will tell

I use natural orange cleaner. It works the best for dissolving shit but not damaging the retainers.

I’ve been using the same few ounces for months, just run it through a coffee filter when I’m done. When I come back to the cup a few weeks later all the grime is in the filter and the orange cleaner is bright orange and clean and I just pour it in with the dirty bearings again. Not toxic, won’t kill your liver seeping through your skin and when I wanna get rid of it pouring it down the drain won’t harm anything.

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I hafta get some of this. Been using an industrial degreaser that i would clean my bike chain with prior. Works great, but im guessing not so friendly for the environment… :sweat_smile:

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I’ve never owned, but they seem to be well recieved so i doubt you’ll have issues.

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Also don’t y’all know “Bronson’s are fast as fuck” :joy:


Nice for useful tips for me to clean bearings. But are we going to wait until they’re grimy before cleaning? For example, when a skateboard slows down, I should consider about cleaning it. So how often to clean skateboard bearings?

I don’t think it matters much for electric boards. This is mostly for downhill and analog boards.

I personally just replace them when they get squeaky and stiff from water exposure, and otherwise leave them alone.

Way wrong. There is a microscopic cushion created by lubrication.

Question: If I stay out of rain and water etc, and dont go too fast or far, how long will my bearings stay good?

Until the rest of the board breaks, probably.

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Just being one that uses his board daily, like your own damn self, and it don’t break, is glory enough. My only weak point is, phase wires, so if I just implemented the hip shift, all my demons will have been vanquished.