Gullwing Sidewinder 2 plus Enertion Hangar - My first board!

Hi everyone! I am making my first Electric longboard and I want to be able to turn on a dime. I was wondering if I could put my enertion hangar on the Gullwings so that I could fit my motor mount.

The rest of my build includes: DIY Esk8 VESC 2 5000mah 3s 25c in series 50mm motor 3d printed enclosures

No. Gullwings have dual tkp. Esk8 trucks are rkp. Won’t even come close to fitting, and wouldn’t work right if they did.

There were mounts for sidewinders from alien. Not sure they still have them…


You could try to get truck hangers (they call then struts) from Evolve which should fit. They have motor mounting plates which can be fitted to them.

These are the evolve trucks.

Or for a single motor get the gen 1,2 hanger from evolve, use the sidewinders and make a custom bracket.

Thanks a bunch!

the GT hanger fits ollinboards motors but not the more common sk3 mounting pattern,

you should make a video how to make that :rofl:

Just used an offcut of ally plate, used the sk3 motor mount and evolve mount as a template. Helps to have access to a mill.

can you send me more pics of it ?

I’ll try and find the template I used.

I made a mount will ally plate. How do you adjust tension in the belt like this? Or are you cutting for a perfect fit?

originally it was cut for a perfect fit… then the belt stretched and I milled the holes out a bit. @lowGuido uses an idler bearing which I’m going to copy to help with belt tension.

interestingly enough I have just recently made a video of how I make my brackets. I didn’t include the idler bearing in that video though… I wanted to keep it simple for the video. I will however be upgrading that later…