Gullwing Sidewinder front & Evolve GT rear truck

I have a friend who has an Arbor Zeppin that has drop through GullwIng Sidewinders. Is it an exact duplicate of the Evolve GT rear truck? Meaning, can I replace the rear truck with the GT truck and keep the front stock truck? Trying to save him a little money getting started.

It’s not an exact replica but yes you can do that no problem. Evolve rear trucks bring alot of options good choice if you like those types of trucks.

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You can just swap the hangars (if they will sell them) and keep the middle knuckle bit and the base plate. The sidewinders are narrower than the evolve trucks so could be cheaper this way?

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They sell them from the french shop…


But do they ship them? When i bought from them they wanted me to provide them with Evidence that i owned an Evolve Board.


When was this?

I tried to order from Evolve UK and was denied.

Only Evolve US Shipped my order, and i just realized i need to get some of their trucks again the ones i ordered was the Raw ones for the single drive.

That might be why they had no problem shipping it.

Find an image of a broken Evolve truck (easy) and make up a story (wife run over board with car) and then ask a friend who actually has one of their boards to do the purchase … :grimacing: … works well!

They ship it to the location stated on the papers unless its been moved. (Warranty transfer)

Address can be changed, at least it worked for a brand new GT deck and the battery enclosure :ok_hand:

I orders the gt rear truck from the US website. The processed the payment, we’ll see if I actually get it or not.

Hey mmaner, did the evolve hanger and sidewinder base plates work in the end? Are they compatible?

Regards Pavel

No problem to order from the french shop. I did it multiples times.

Regarding the gullwing baseplate the kingpin is shorter, so less options regarding bushings.

But yes, fully compatible.

I used straight evolve trucks in the end, not really happy with them so I replaced with SR TKPs.

Thank you hiboute and mmaner!

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