Gullwing sidewinders Europe?

Hi, I am looking for a pair of gullwing sidewinder trucks, can be used… Does anyone have them or know about a good place where to buy them?

From what I have found the cheapest option is to buy them in the US and pay the shipping…

i bought mine new on ebay for 48 USD shipped to me, I’m in US though, not sure how much it would be to you

70USD shipped :confused: The whole skateboard industry is unfair to those who live in europe…

Keep an eye out on eBay for a used complete board. sector9 used them on some builds.

Yea, I saw some of them, but they are usually more expensive than the set of new trucks :confused:

Yea thats unfair :confused:

Got mine from wallapop around 50 euro a pair used

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160 euro with import tax shipping to Ireland.

So If @monkey32 got used Trucks for 50 then for an extra 110euro You get an extra deck grippe-tape good bearings and wheels.

Yea but I still think it is not wort it :smiley: Anyway, I am not looking for them anymore, but ty for the answers :slight_smile: MAybe once I will give them a try :slight_smile:

Well I can tell you them paired with a medium flex board is super fun to carve on or just cruse. but going faster than 30 km/h starts to get uncomfortable and unstable.