GUNSLINGER Dual Motor Build Thread (40km/h Goal)

How can I say this…the bug has bit me! Damn! Im going to be poor and broke for the rest of my life!

In this thread that will span over a 6 month period until completion, I will showcase my eboard project with lots of pictures and intricate detail, my very first build!

I dont have a budget, so im going all out! Thats why im doing this over a 6 month period.

My goal is to build a beast of a rig that I’d like to reach a top speed of at least 35km/h…adjustable to 40km/h if i swap out pulleys… but without sacrificing torque ! So im going dual setup with my own motor mount design. I have been teaching myself to use a CAD program, to design my own dual motor mount.

So for starters here is my drivetrain option: 1 Pinion 16T Spur 32T Battery voltage 24v Motors x2 Torque Boards 6355 190kv Wheel diameter 85mm 12mm drivebelts

My bodyweight is 90kg’s Please feel free to comment, im open to any >

Designing my own motor mounts will be the most challenging part of this project.

Let the fun begin!

Just a rough idea what i will be doing in the CAD pprogram…im using 123D. The motor bracket…im still wraping my head around how i will design the truck hanger mount…the objective is to keep it simple, lightweight but sturdy. So after like 8 hours of trying to figure out how 123D works…i came up with this simple motor plate…its an adaption from Enertion’s simple brackets, but i will be doing a lot more alterations to it…its not eactly to spec that Enertion makes. So i hope i dont get crap for this. anodized purple maybe?


You could always use one of the many mount designs on here, but if you want to design your own one, why not?

If you actually have no budget and want all the TORQUE in the world, go all out and quad motor it man!!! :smile:

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Welcome to the bottomless money pit hobby lol. Jk. Well, enertion is giving away their mount design. If you’re interested with that, it’ll save you a lot of time with designing, since that one’s been tested and proven to work really well. But if you’re wanting to design your own, I don’t think there would be any problem if it looks like enertion mount.
You might wanna consider going for a higher voltage too. That would help you get the speed you want and adjust your gearing for better torque. Six months is a long time. In that period there’s a lot of things that might come out. Better products and all that, then you’re gonna end up wanting that better product for your build. Or that could just be me, lol. Anyway, good luck with your build. Oh, what wheel are you using?

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Higher voltage noted…thanks! What would you recommend? I tried getting Enertions mount plans but I think you have to buy something from them to download it?

That sounds like trouble! Ill go with dual rear for starters :wink:

With the enertion mounts, you just buy it with $0 lol. It’s kinda funny. You go to their site, put it in your cart, check out, pay $0. Then download. I would say 10s would be a good start.

Oh damn ok, didnt realize its actually free! In todays world there is always a catch…thats why expected it to be too good to be true…awesome thanks!