Habitat Leaflines E-Skate conversion - 42km/h 26mph - 9s - 15.5km Range

This is my cheap build. Using my old habitat leaf lines longboard that is 5 years old Final price of the build: $300US. This things so loud it sounds like a subway train :joy:. Turns heads everywhere, and dogs go nuts trying to attack it because of the sound. Specs below:



-190kv 6364mm 2000W Motor “keda” from hobby king. Was on sale for 25$ on black Friday.

-x3 5000mah 3s Lipo , 9s total in series, from hobby king, 16$/3s pack on black Friday sale.

-Esc substitute 10s single motor w/remote and transmitter built into the esc. limits motor to 1350w power. Low battery cut off at 3v per cell, from eboardshop on eBay, aka dickyho on esk8 builders. 48$

  • BMS wired up for charging. 9s bms from aliexpress. 19$
  • 37.8v charger 3amp, for 9s battery in series. Bought on aliexpress. 12$
  • motor mount, trucks, 97mm wheels, pulley 35tooth wheel 15tooth motor, belt 5m: all come in one single motor drive kit on eboardshop on eBay, aka dickyho, 120$ after shipping.
  • Tested range 15.5km, around 11 miles I believe.
  • Tested top speed at 42km/h before face planting due to loose truck bushings.
  • charging time 2hours.
  • weight : 14lbs IMG_20190403_141010_456


Welded custom enclosure for the Lipo packs IMG_20190403_173323_686 Esc enclosure using a lunchbox, that I painted black and cut holes for the power button and the battery indicator. As well as the charging port. 15543312998351331329843 Battery enclosure: 15543314305151499009585 1554331569329-1985319175 1554331700199-1869283631 1554331783021-2001064781 I had to make a steel bushing between the motor shaft and pulley, because dickyho sent me a 10mm bore pulley, dispite me having told him to send a 8mm bore pulley, he said he sent me the 8mm to replace the 10mm but I haven’t received it after about 3weeks now. I’m still happy with his kit , just had to make a custom adjustment there.

Conclusion: This board runs well, has enough torque to throw you off it. Slightly sensitive controller with braking either at max or none, but I don’t mind. Acceleration is gradual from a complete stop. I love the controller but it loses connection when close to my phone, just can’t have the phone too close. The controller has adjustable speed settings, max, med, min. The board charges in 2 hours with the bms and charger, all through one port. The esc runs hot , but comes with the small heatsink so it hasn’t fried yet. Has reverse and regen braking I believe. So far I’m happy, just gotta tighten up those bushing so I don’t get a speed wobble and crash again.

Charger has a car heater plug that I wired up. Controller charges through android phone charging port. 15543325750062102233338

Thanks for reading. For the price I’m happy. Leave your thoughts if you got any. I will update if anything changes.


Very cool bro

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Thank you.

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