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Hacked signal - Could this be a problem?

In this day and age could hacking become a problem?

Yes it is a problem… but I don’t think with e boards. I saw this video a while a go… this takes to much preparation to hack a board… you would literally have to follow the person for a while

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boosted updated their software on the board after this video was released

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How abt on the 2.4ghz band?

Bluetooth is the 2.4ghz band. So to my knowledge all of the controllers we typically use (wii, gt2b) are using the 2.4ghz band. Its all about that binding and what it takes to actually bind. In boosteds case that bind was just a simple handshake, which is known to be hackable.

Wii Nunchuck is bluetooth, some might be 2.4ghz. 2.4ghz is not as hackable vs bluetooth.

Boosted and a few other boards run on bluetooth.

2.4ghz is the most stable by far.

Blue tooth is AFH, adaptive frequency hopping

Most RC transmitters are FHSS, frequency hopping spread spectrum

The difference between the two is FHSS takes in more of the spectrum than bluetooth does. Most AFH devices are not actual bluetooth and are cheaply manufactured. To be considered bluetooth, standards need to be met as well as licensing agreements. I imagine a quality bluetooth transmitter built to meet these standards would perform much better than what we are seeing now.

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2.4Ghz is the frequency used by Wifi, Bluetooth, RC transmitters, garage door openers, baby monitors and probably a lot more.

It all depends how this frequency is used to transfer the signal and how robust the protocol is.

Humm … Thanks guys…

First time I saw the video and made me really think abt it… I can see this getting really popular…all of thoses signals flying through the air…friggin’ jerks that have nothing better to do than to hack stuff to cause some mayhem because they can…

I think what we do can be very dangerous at times…loss of signal or hijacked signal at the wrong time could put us under a bus…

From what I’ve seen so far… non-Bluetooth seems less prone to drops or interference … I could be wrong …

I guess the only other solution would be a wired one…but what would be the fun in that?

You are not wrong for all the reasons @chaka mentioned above. There was a thread about this very thing a while back closer to when the video was released. The general consensus was that this among other things is why bluetooth isn’t that great of an option as a speed control method. Never mind the fact that its total overkill and fraught with interference issues. I can’t even keep my bluetooth mouse connected or keep my phone connected to my car stereo reliably. Why The Fuck would i ever trust it with my life? 2.4Ghz FHSS is rock solid reliable, not as prone to interference, and much less expensive to implement.

BT is great for diagnostic crap though. Sending status updates probably won’t throw you off the board when it fails.

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