Haero Boards mountainboard decks

Hey folks, that’s gonna be one of my next decks. I really like all the thoughts and dedication that went into this, and I usual, when I see this coming… I show support.



Man that’s nice, we need an enclosure guy to do the necessary, are you gonna?

ahh well definitely.

You know, lately I’m more and more into riding and less in aesthetics. I’ll just throw my 12S8AH pack in the middle and shred this baby!


Looks cool but I ended up backing a portable bidet though.


y’all western country folks have no idea how much I miss having bidets in public restrooms after I moved here :cry:


I hear you from a function perspective but form says enclosure, @bigben this looks comfy

@topcloud you have a Collab deck which is probably closest to this, what say you?

@Eboosted check it out

Brent? :joy:


NO, I KNOW THIS PAIN. I work in Asia semi-frequently, and generally when I’m there I just bitch to my US friends about how I cannot live without one and then fail to actually purchase one when I get home.

This is going on my birthday wishlist. I’m done living in the stone age.


The German Colab, ja. :wink:

Looks stoked, lightweight sounds good for gravity.

Branding ‘flatcave’ lol well… let’s just say a lot of designers are trying to bend wood in unnatural ways to create flat, standing areas for the rider’s feet - and in this case - going so far as to create a little mini-backstop for the heel.

The reason: lots of Americans ride without heelstraps, mainly out of habit.

I like the Haero wider standing platform, maybe not with 9" wheels but that’s purely conjecture.

Looks perfect with Trampa kit; I don’t think MBS is big enough for that deck with 9’s but again, purely conjecture on my part.

My only concern is that is a lightweight deck with a lot going on inside those layers (placed carbon fiber) with “low-resin”… drilling through that low-resin can sometimes cause high-delamination, after the vibration sets in.

I think the Colab is one of the best decks in the world for what we do, personally. It is affectionately “high-resin” haha.



@okp will surely make the most out of an ultralight Haero and jump over a Renault or something :slight_smile:


Looks interesting and pricing seems good.


I resemble that + many others. I am sorely tempted by the flatcave(lol), my feet ache quickly

Thanks for thoughts gentlefolk


@banjaxxed Just wear motorcycle boots. So comfy. So much grip. :smiley:

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My bike boots are full length for the most part. One pair of Nike fashion MC boots, I should try them out, but there no real heel-feel. Normally I like hitops, maybe it’s gel insert time for these old legs


I just have some really well worn-in Engineer Oilers that I ride my MTBs with. The heel is actually a huge part of it for me, I feel my turning is so much sharper and responsive with the extra heel as leverage.


still my #1 - they don’t make them like this anymore.

note the heel.

even with ghetto MBS F4 bindings; locked-in, perfectly.

not perfect out of box; definitely add an fpfootwear.com insole and you may want to replace the string with a normal cotton Adidas string (I did).

Ultimately, that’s what’s best about decks like the Haero, the Loaded Icarus, etc. - flat footbeds help translate board feel to skaters who are probably more used to wearing Vans.

Either way, if Haero brings new riders into MTB (like @okp brings new people into eMTB) then we, the customers, will always win. Stronger markets drive stronger products.

I’d buy a Haero if it were available today based on Cedric’s recommendation alone, and put it on Trampa Ultimate Ti trucks with Trampa Barrels, white Hypas and soft Urban Tredz, maybe try those ultralight Hoyt motors @DerelictRobot uses to heat his home . Zoom zoom. :slight_smile:


It’s a personal choice really isn’t it. I’ll have to try the inserts in a fresh set of sk8 shoes and the MC boots, thanks

Enjoy it all :high_heel: :foot:🏻 :hiking_boot: :athletic_shoe:

Oh and I just found this gamechanger insole, this could help my fallen arches


You’ll never take my MC boots from me! I love how they feel once really well broken in.

And yeah those Pocket Rockets run HOT. I’ve been told they have a pretty high temp celling though.

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their campaign is beautifully German (complete)

hell, this drawing alone is going to save me so much time explaining wedges, great find okp


Gawd. I know you’re on to something with this but every time I see your feet I think you look like puss in boots.


I skated one time in a pair of Justin ropers, wasnt planning on skating, it’s just what I had on. It was not fun, but I’m gonna try some oilers. If I can find them.