HAL sensor wire pin-out

I’ve got x2 DIY/TB VESC’s and x2 Polar 6354 190kv sealed motors. Im trying to make HAL sensor cables to to run hybrid mode. I have the JST PH 2.0mm 6 pin cables, but I don’t know what header to use to connect on the motor side nor do I know the wire order.

I’ve searched here, endless sphere and googled my ass off…all I achieved is now I’m more confused then when I started. Can someone diagram the HAL sensor cable and identify the motor side header? Thanks

Does this help?

Kind of, JUST ZH is the header for the motor side, as I understand it, but I need the female​ header that will couple to it…also the wire pin-out. Thanks

I hope doesn’t sound too stupid, but I use the adaptor from maytech to connect the polar 6355 sealed to the vesc, and just is plug and play. If it helps a picture let me know.

Yes please, and a link if you have one. I’d rather make it but I’ll just buy them to get it done :grinning:.

If it’s not clearly enough I do another disassembling more. Sorry no link, it was included with the maytech drv cooker

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That’ll work. Thanks.

Still looking g for a pin-out if anyone has it.

I think drv cooker autodetect the sensors order, then I think it’s only important + -. Please don’t believe me, confirm it before. :smiley:

red = 5v white = temp black = GND

The rest are hall 1/2/3, order doesn’t matter but you must do motor detection to get the hall positions.

You can see from my Carbonated build that I simply soldered the bare wires from the JST-PH 2.0mm 6pin header to the leads on the Polar motor


Great, ty sir.

Does anyone have any JST-ZH 6pin 1.5mm pitch headers they would sell cheap. I would like x4 but I just need x2 right now. Thanks

Those are for vesc? If you don’t find any lmk

damn why dont i read the dates