Hall sensor detection failed with torque HUBS

Hi, so I’ve got the torque hub 130KV and a VESC using the BLDC tool. Before I built the housing I connected the motor to the VESC ran the BLDC tool and could just hit “start detection” and I would have my sensors detected. Now I built the housing and it doesnt work anymore, it always responses

Hall sensor detection failed: -1, 2, 4, 4, 1, 1, 5, -1

I measured all 3 cables and have the rectangular signal like I know it. I also checked the connection on the board, all cables have connection. I’m really confused and dont understand that at all. Do I have to make some settings in VESC before I start the detection? It isnt the battery voltage, max input is set to 53V (12S setup), cutoff start to 45,6 and minimum at 8V.

Anyone has a clue?

Did you select FOC on the Motor tab and Sensored or Hybrid on the FOC tab?

I selected BLDC on as Motor Type and did nothing on the FOC tab. I selected sensored on BLDC tab.

Try setting it to FOC on th emotor tab and Sensored or Hybrid on the FOC tab and reattempt the detection.

Motor Type was set to FOC. in BLDC tab was the Sensor Mode set to Hybrid and in FOC tab the Sensor Mode to Hall, still just a failed detection

Oh I just realized now you wanted me to measure the Hall Sensors in the FOC tab. There it just popped a green message “Hall Result Received” and there are now 8 parameters. I dont know tho whether that was succesful or not?

This is how it looks like

IIRC bvedder said the hall sensor detection code in BLDC mode is very basic. He put a lot more into hall detection in FOC.

Hello, I connect the new BLDC motor and sk8 and try to detect the parameters in vesc tool, but detection is failed. Reason: Sensor detection failed. Can anybody help me?

I’ve had that problem many times with the newest VESC tool. One reason could be your battery charger level. Sometimes s low battery will cause a failed detection. Also, are you running 83mm wheels?

If it’s but the battery it wheels, try another firmware to isolate the issue to the VESC tool or motors.


Hello mmaner, I was tried measure the motor resistance and inductance in FOC Settings with your tool, but detection mesure is bad (Could not measure the motor resistance and inductance). I have the Turnigy D5035-125KV Sensored Brushless Motor from hobbyking and 4 Li-ion Panasonic NCR18650B for testing. (https://hobbyking.com/en_us/dt6376-14p-sensored-motor-125kv.html) Can you advise please?

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1st, it’s not my tool. It’s built and maintained by @Ackmaniac, I just wrote a how-to (tutorial) about it.

2nd, I’ve never used those motors so Im not sure how I can help. Are you getting a successful BLDC detection? Post some screen shots of the ESC-Tool, that will help a lot.

For what it’s worth, you should probably just return those motors and get the 70kv version. I also had issues with these hubs, same sensor issue you had, as well as efficiency so poor you could actually only scrape 10 miles out of a 10s4p 25r pack. Additionally, when at a standstill, pulling with more than ~30% throttle would make the hubs chatter endlessly

On the other hand… They are A LOT of fun. The unwieldiness makes it interesting lol. I hit my top speed of 40mph with those, but I cant recommend it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: