Hall Sensor detection failure - Vesc 4.12

Hey everyone,

i got some Problems with an older build of a dual vesc 4.12 setup on a 10s4p samsung 30Q accu and two 6355 Aliendrive motors with 2,2kW at 190KV sensored. This Setup was ride for only 100km i think. Then i take some settings in the vesc tool and after all one of my vesc was fryed because of a loose solder ball at the stm.

After one year laying around… I changed the stm and the vesc was back on. But the motor was not spinning and i got at the terminal a current limit failure. Because the drv was also fryed. I change also the drv chip(new) and want to setup the motor. But everytime i will do the sensor test at bldc or on foc mode on different current settings i get the hall sensor detection error. And in sensorless mode the Motor spins. I tested the cables at the good vesc and both motors+hall sensors+wires worked. I desoldered every cap, resistor and checked with the multimeter - OK. I also desolder the mosfets and checked them they are also ok.

Does anyone got an idea, what is broken? Maybe the pcb ? Or the diodes(i tested them also desolderd with the multimeter - ok). Because the hall sensor goes from the jst pin header over resistors and some capacitors directly to the stm. Or is my new STM broken again ? At the moment everything is laying around desolderd. so i can check everything with the multimeter. I didn’t test the can bus receiver and the 3.3 voltage regulator. But i know that the can receiver works because the good vesc was detected over the “broken” vesc. And the 3.3V regulator got 3.3V at the output. The shunts are also ok i would say.

The Hall Sensor test was done at 34V Cutoff Voltage begin and 31V Cutoff stop at a full charged battery.

So please help. I think the firmware 3.42 ? or 3.4 is installed at both vesc and i use the vesc tool version: 0.87