HALL sensor wire extension cable

I’ve been searching the interwebs for HAL-senor wire extention cable. I found this on hobbyking, but its mate to male…

Anyone else got some ideas ?





you could just cut the connector off then solder some extra wide on the solder the connector back on


beat me to it with those links.

@ikjahaa are you looking for an adapter or extension? is the sensor wire from your motor the JST 2.0mm that the vesc takes?

Personally I just cut the wires and solder on wires to extend mine so I don’t get that connector bulk outside my enclosure


It’s a maytech motor. The connector is mini, and by that I mean really effing tiny lol…

I need a female connector got this, so I can easily detach my m9tor from my deck. Yeah… I have 6 wires running through my deck directly in the enclosure. I could solder these sensor wires to these cables but that’s pretty permanent.

Also, I like that the conne for is so tiny…

If your connector is male you could solder this cables for an extension. On the left side the small one you need (JST-ZH 1.5mm pitch) and on the right side the one which goes into vesc (JST-PH 2mm pitch). If you want I have some spares for cheap (EU).

But this wouldn’t fit the male hal sensor connector either ?




If your sensor wire connector looks like this you can use the cable @b264 linked, nice find! It’s the same cable of the first link of @mmaner


Hi guys, I’m trying to hide my sensor wires in deck and I need to extend them (about 20 cm / 8 inches). I’ve purchased on line a set of them + JST connectors and noticed the 6 wires are monofilar (composed by just one thread) whereas the single wires coming out from my motors are composed by 5-6 threads each. The overall diameter of the motor wires is bigger than the one of the extention. Is it a problem if I solder these two different types of cable? will the hall sensors works? If not, could you please advise which type of wire (AWG, composition) should I get?

I don’t see a problem with soldering different wires together for hall sensor. I’ve soldered several hall sensor extensions made of different cable diameters and up to 85cm in length and never had troubles. For the longest extension I used 22AWG (maybe overkill), but usually hall sensor wires are 24-28AWG.

Do it! :sunglasses:

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Is this what should be used for a focbox?

I never had a focbox but I guess it’s the same as on every other vesc: JST-PH 2mm pitch

Only some motors have the small JST-ZH 1.5mm pitch connector but not the vesc.


I’m housing my unity and batteries further in my box so I need a loooooong jst zh 1.5mm male to female adapter. I already have psychos adapter to connect the end to the vesc. Anyone know of a supplier for long cables? I keep finding real small ones. I’ll pay to have 2 made if I have to.

Trying to avoid connecting a bunch of these

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Maybe just to cut the adapter cable and solder some extension inbetween?

Man another good idea. I didn’t want to cut motor or extension and that solves it well. Beers on me if we ever meet up.

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I have 2 different motors, both sensored. I need to extend them both but am not sure how to do it because one motor only has 5 wires in the sensor while the other has six. Is the one motor faulty or are only 5 wires needed? If so, which 5 wires, so I can prioritize properly

the 6th wire is likely motor temp, you dont need it.

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Anywhere else I can buy an extension wire like these? It appears they aren’t being sold anymore. I just need to extend the hall sensors from my motors so they can plug into the unity. (I’m in the US)