Hall sensor wire

So im trying to use a unity with some chinese hubs and the hubs have a 5 pin sensor connector. Does anyone know 5 pin connectors for the hubs to a 6 pin connectors for the unity? Thx

The 5 pin sensor will just be missing the temperature wire. You can just cut and solder the 6 pin plug onto the 5 wires and leave out the temperature pin. Unity instructions/schematic should tell you which pin is the temp wire

Hubs without temp sensor, Its the only thing in raptor 2 that stops them from combusting.

I thought soldering the wires in to the connector with be a pain in the butt, it is easier than it seems? I found 5 pin to 6 pin on flipsky, but im not gonna spend 9 bucks shipping just for $3.60 order.

I was thinking of soldering the wires of a 5 pin to 6 pin instead of directly soldering 6 pin connector onto the sensor wires coming from the motors. Im really confused to which order the sensor wires goes. Which pin H1,H2,H3 goes with which color/ letter?

The order of the 3 sensor wires doesnt matter, as long as your pos and neg are right you are sweet.

U know any shops that sell 5 pin and 6 pin sensor wires or a amazon link?

Aliexpress is your friend

Lol not too exciting bout the shipping but ill look at what they got.

You can pay extra to get it shipped faster, look around on there, some places will ship in about 2 weeks fairly cheap