Hall sensor wiring

I bought some 6368 motors from AliExpress and the hall sensor connectors dont match up to the connector PCB headings on my FSESC V4.12.

Does it matter which pinout the hall sensor wires get connected to as long as the VCC and Ground are correct?

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Pinout for motor hall sensor here:


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Yes it matters. If you get it wrong you can fry a sensor

Let me look at my diagrams

Ok, the motor doesn’t have a temp sensor. So you will be a pin short. 5v-5-v + Temp- nothing H1-U H2-V H3-W G-ground -

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thank @hyperIon1, just to confirm, the H1, H2, H3 relates the to below image?


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Correct, as long as power is correct and you have hall sensor in sequence front or back it’s fine. There is no way to get hall sensor out of sequence because of number 3 and triangle configuration

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Awesome thank you! My first build is now on the home straight! :grinning: