Halo 2 vesc fitting

Hey there, i took me a bit to figure out how to post my question here, so if i messed up in any way please understand i’m a total newbie. I bought a halo 2 in june, rode it for a month, hit a water patch and it took a bath in the river, sent it in to get motors/battery/esc swapped. I took some time before i got it fixed to look over all of the components to get a general understanding, and i noticed my esc takes up quite a bit of room, so i can easily swap it out for a vesc and have more control of the tuning and whatnot. I noticed there are different connections and different types for specific batteries, i was wondering if anyone has any experience or a reasonable understanding of what the best next step for choosing a new vesc to fit my current stock electronics. The battery is 10s3p i think, and the motors are advertised as 1500w each. Ty in advance fellas.

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Thinking that the halo is a rebranded Chinese product and while this is not necessarily a bad thing it does make upgrading a little more tricky than just swapping out the esc. I would assume the electronics are Chinese bespoke parts which can be easily proved by checking that the esc is a single part running two motors ie a dual esc. It will probably have a built in switch and receiver so in addition to changing it you will need to buy either two vescs or a dual like the enertion unity or Flipsky. Also if you go the two VESC route you will need to get an anti spark switch like a Vedder or torque boards unit. In any case you will need a new remote/receiver system too. If it’s space you are after and not performance then by the time you factor all those extra bits you probably won’t save much room. Also be careful of the battery bms on those units as they have a low amp rating so when programming you will need to take that into consideration or risk popping said bms. I did this very upgrade to a meepo and ran into all these issues but the board now is a very different animal indeed.
If I have the halo all wrong and it has a different set up then this is 2 minutes of your time you’ll never get back. :joy:

Easily checked though by looking at the guts. I tried on line but didn’t get much info.


That was pretty helpful in just narrowing down my options, i saw in a less similar topic that a vesc would help with reducing draw from the battery and tuning speed or torque. I also heard programming is a pain if i dont know anything about the process or values of the parts. But i’m a fast learner :wink:

I’m also curious how your meepo turned out when you made the upgrade.