Halo board complete hub/ truck motor raplecement

Hey i mamaged to destroy one of the hub motors on a halo board and wondered if anybody know where i can order a replacement

They have a fairly responsive customer service that will be able to take good care fo you. Just visit their website bud.

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One hub and they want $500 as they refuse to replace just one- and they’re saying the control board needs replacement.

The Halo board is fun to ride, but if you break any of it past a year expect to have to buy another.

Bastards wouldn’t replace my one hub. F Halo, imo.

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Halo board is a shitty reseller of a shitty board. You can replace their hubs/esc for $200 total or better yet get a VESC and belt drive for about $230.


Do you have a link? I replaced the bad hub with one of the front wheels and slapped my city-board wheels on to get it back on the road. image image

The acceleration is much slower as the torque is halved, but it’ll still get up to 22mph. (I’m 165# wet).

Bah! I just ordered a Nazare. I need more speed anyway.

Halo’s a good starter board and it’ll last maybe year if you like riding as much as I do. Halo service will not send you parts- you have to send them back your board to get retail repairs and you can’t just get the parts anywhere and do it yourself, as far as I know.

If anyone knows where I can grab these parts. :heart::heart:

What size hubs are those? Comfortable 97mm hubs @ $200 https://www.backfireboards.com/collections/all/products/350w-hub-motors-with-hub-wheels-and-caliber-truck-with-off-set-wheels?variant=15634227363889

Good ESC https://www.meepoboard.com/collections/esc/products/esc-for-classic-mini-2-standard

(You can find cheaper hubs, but for the extra urethane i’d reccomend the backfire ones)

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Thanks so much for the info and link!; I’ll be sure to swap both out as soon as I pay off this $3500($3200 now) debt I just made.


Hey, if you want i have some rear trucks wit hub motors to sell, those are another “european” brand but this is the same chinese factory that build thoses

That is a good question. Electric skateboards are awesome especially halo boards. You can visit Electric2Fun and maybe so you will be able interested to buy a new kind of e-skateboard such as their amazing halo board beast. Try it!


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