Halo Carbon Hub Motor

one of my motors just stopped working on my Halo Carbon first gen. No help from website. any suggestions would be nice

photos help.

did anything happen that you think could of caused it?

I purchased it 2nd hand bad motor pre-existing

did you investigate?

connectors in? board charged?

I feel more inclined to give you relationship advice based on the parameters you’ve given us.

I’m at work when I get home I’ll investigate and let you know.

good idea also snap some shots why don’t you

Will do. Appreciate the help

Okay so it’s intermittent. If I push the slide just right both motors rotate. I took it for a test ride with dual power got up to 20 braked then took off one motor push the slide slow 2 motors. There’s a short somewhere. Haven’t opened it yet.

not a short but a lose connection short would be a sadder story.

Take great care not to short anything. (O-I-I)Open Identify Isolate. (isolate by means of insulation)