Hammacher Sclemmler “autobalancing” skateboard

Is this for realz?



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Unfortunately stupidity isn’t fake news…


Self balancing…cause it has 3 wheels? :thinking: :joy: Gotta admit their promo video was pretty entertaining. Terribly translated Chinese marketing material narrated in a perfect American voice. Groundbreaking.

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Hammacher Schlemmer. Very German sounding, from Shenzhen.

The thing has an in-built Bluetooth speaker. Awesomeness.

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Don’t forget the appearance patent too!

for people with more dollars than sense

Half of the Alibaba electric skateboard listings state that they are “self balancing”. I presume they just copy pasta’d their hoverboard listings

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What the what now?

must be good. it uses springs.

and … steering mechanism invention technology. it’s got that new tech.

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that hilarious piece of junk aside, I’ve often thought ‘auto-level when slamming on brakes’ would be an ideal evolution for esk8.

I have a feeling that’s the self-balancing mini hoverboard drivetrain in there, which may mean it is self-correcting before going into a death wobble? idk lol

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May we hear more about this idea? How would it sense level?