Hand Carved Hollow Top mount. Pine w/ Danish Oil

Waiting on parts…Decided to build my own deck out of 1pc pine. It’s still a work in progress. Gotta round off some edges and give her some contours. I have to make it look like a little more than a pop-sickle stick. LOL


Nice, how different is the single pine vs the ply with laminate…i would think the board would want to split

wow, that’s really cool…

there might be some strength issues though! maybe consider some CF sheet top & bottom.

@Ulfberht it looks great! I’m interested in hearing how it rides, I’ve never tried a 1pc deck.

That’s the plan, my man!! Got some 3K twill I live in Oregon, USA, so I can get my hands on some really nice yellow pine. No heartwood and well seasoned. This isn’t framing lumber grade wood. This will become the bottom of the board. A second “hollowed out” layer will give it a little more thickness, but with room for the electronics, weight relief and some vibration damping options (possibly solid maple). Those layers will be carved and sanded together. That whole piece will then get a nice skinning of carbon on the bottom with overlap on the edges. The edges where the battery compartment sits will have carbon overlapping into a “D” shape for stiffness Then a piece will cover the top with a soft 21" radius. Haven’t picked a material for the top. Maybe a veneer and clear grip? This is all still very experimental, but I have solid vision for where it’s going. I’ll keep up with the pics and stuff, so everyone can see what I’m cooking up. I have some unusual vibration dampening ideas that I’m kicking around. FUN STUFF!!


@Surfnerd This is only the bottom of the board and one of the layers. Carbon fiber will give me all of the added stiffness that I need. It’s going to be a heavy duty board. @treenutter I’ll be sure to let you know how it rides. All of the reference lines are built off of the golden ratio. 1.618. I was trying to see what it would look like if I could design something where almost all of the dimensions are “golden ratio”. Really weird number patterns start emerging.

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@Ulfberht that’s cool concept! That theory seemingly applies to everything. This will look great with a CF layer, looking forward to seeing the result. I applied a layer CF vinyl to my current eksk8, but my plan is to use real CF next time.

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@treenutter Nice build man! I went to the link you posted and posted a link about 3M knifeless tape for super clean and easy vinyl cuts. I haven’t personally used it, but it looks like an amazing solution! I am thinking about using some of this stuff on various projects not limited to ESK8.

3M Defender Spray Film Self levels real nice and it is pretty tuff stuff. @onloop You might like to play around with something like this at some point. Would be cool to use over graphics. Keeping those logos shining.

Thanks @Ulfberht I used wrap cut which is similar to the 3M tape, it’s definitely the best way to get a clean line with CF vinyl. I like this paint defender stuff!

i love watching people try new ways of building decks out of different things. Bravo.

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@longhairedboy Thanks bro! Win or lose, its still worth it to get your hands dirty and have some fun with it. I still am waiting on parts and that is frustrating right now. I would like to have all of my parts, so that I can get an actual fitting of my parts to the deck. You were a big inspiration for me wanting to do this project instead of just bolting a box to a deck. Seeing your stuff made me want to step up my game. @treenutter This 3m Defender spray film looks like a great top coat for carbon fiber. I’m thinking right now…2 coats of epoxy, 3 coats of clear, 1 coat of 3M Defender. I know you are interested in doing CF.Check this video out. Very DOABLE!!!


This is good info. I have a roll of CF twill in my shop and i’m about to build a box with it as the top layer. I’m going to do a fiberglass box with two layers and sand it super smooth, paint it black, then finish it with a third layer of this stuff right here. ITs going to take a few days i guess, so i’m hoping to get started on it soon.

Its going to be my first step into CF so i’m glad i’m good with fiberglass as a last minute backup plan.

He’s using Resin Research. I’ll be using WS 105/207 which i need to do a little more reading on.


NICE!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I already know it’s going to be killer! The way your boards are concave, you could just cover them and not have to worry about flex or anything. You could probably even reduce the amount of veneer layers too. Let me know how that West Systems stuff works out. I’m using a 2 part from CJ Composites (good people). We’ll see what happens. WS is supposed to be the shit!

my 9 plies have zero flex. ITs insane. My seven plies have the perfect amount of flex and twist, making them ideal for a split box.

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thx @Ulfberht! I like your plan to use the defender spray as the top layer over CF… because I think it would be heartbreaking to scuff and destroy a well-polished CF top layer. It’s cool that it could be removed and replaced if needed, like the screen protectors people use on their mobile phones.

WHat I also like about the Defender stuff is that you can wax over it with any automotive wax like Mother’s Carnauba. Extra shine, water beading off and a layer that can be more easily maintained. Like you said, you can remove it too…I hope it pans out to be as user friendly as it appears.

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@longhairedboy I gotta say that concave you get on your decks was cleverly designed. No wonder it is so damn strong. I’m sure the 9 Plys didn’t hurt either!

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A couple of pics I snapped today. Other parts are finally going to be shipping out!! YAY!!!:thumbsup: It’s definitely got a way to go, but it’s starting to look more like a skateboard. All of those hard lines make me cringe. It’s going to get a lot more sculpted after I get the actual dimensions. I need to get everything to fit nicely.


Lol make two… I want one lol

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Looks great! How deep is the enclosure?