Handmade flex carbon esk8 | 240kv Alien motor | 8S4P 25R Samsung 10000mha | external balance charger

Hi everybody, I made this build with what I had left from my other builds. But I’m more than impressed with is perf!


I have two board with 10S batteries and were not so enthusiastic to use 8s batteries because I had not a lot of choice. I had allready the 247kv motor and didn’t wanted to burn my vesc with 10s battery. But finally I’m pretty impressed with the power this bord deliver :slight_smile:

I used 25R cell in 8s4p combine with a vesc and antispark from UNIKBOARD plus a 6275 motor from alien power

For the rest the graphics is made with thin veneer that took me a lot of time to cut with cutter… :s with laser cut would be just perfect but didn’t wanted to spend more money for it.




Nice work. Pretty different!

And know the few picks I took during fabrication process





Board and grip tape design does look really nice. Nice job.

One part I didnt get - if u cut a hole in middle for enclosure, did u add another layer - for the looks at the end?

I do like the vintage / old wood look it has

I did it in many steps. First I just wanted to make a wooden deck with carbon look.

Then I decided to add a W curve so a made a polyester mold of that curve. I cuted the wood to be able to integrate the battery in the deck.

I then aplied 5 layer of carbon on the polyester mold ( multi and mono axial) and I pressed with vacuum press the wooden deck on it.

When hard I add three last layer over the wood to lock it and to harden the deck to the flex I wanted.

Finally I add a final layer on the top with the veneer to make the visual

After it was resin layer to make it shine and have it final gloss finish + the pose of the grip


Nice work my friend. Love a bit of originality.

Awesome ! It’s beautifull !!! Love the shape and setup method :slight_smile: inspiring build !

I will post it on esk8.fr soon it’s just more difficult to do so because I’m without computer and as you know it a bit complex to place pics on this website

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