Hang gliding helmet for esk8

Before there were downhill specific helmets a lot of people used paragliding and hang gliding helmets for downhill because they are streamlined, lightweight and built with high visibility in mind.

850g, CE EN966 cert.

Any thoughts?

hard to find a comparison of the different tests but the 966 version is up there http://www.skatesafe.org/safety-gear/helmets/


your link wasnt working http://forum.hanggliding.org/viewtopic.php?t=33265 seems to have less foam than helmets that pass other tests. looks nice though

Thanks, link is fixed

You’re correct about visibility my friend, yet if memory serves, the foam in EN966 is about as thick as a mouse pad. :slight_smile:

Since weight is a primary consideration, I’d offer that EN966 helmets are maybe 60% wind deflection and 40% head protection.

I like the MIPS system, worked for me once. Good hunting!

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I suppose I could message them asking how thick the foam is.

But realistically most of us eskaters aren’t going anywhere near the speeds professional downhillers do, so a full downhill cert is overkill for most situations. But you know what they say, better safe than sorry

Helmets are certified according to their application. There are no esk8 applications. In the future there will be I’m sure but in the mean time we have to go with the ones that best suit our individual riding skills and environment. I personally use a mountain bike lid that suits how I ride but depending on what you are doing then something else may be appropriate. Just don’t go down the full face I look cooler route and not hear the semi trailer behind you.

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