Hard Shell vs Soft Shell Protection

I have been looking at saftey gear and decided to go with what seems to be the “go to standard”, TSG Pass Helmet. I am also looking at knee pads and elbow pads but I can’t get my head around Hard Shell vs Soft Shell. In my head Hard Shell pads seems to be much more reliable when it come to sliding down the street on your knees from 30-40km/h than impact foam like G-form or Exoskin (triple 8). What are your thoughts about going hard shell vs soft shell? Anyone with triple 8 exoskin or G-form pads that could give their take on it?

top of the line hard-shells have replaceable shells. I’ve looked at the soft stuff and away pass on it.

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“the go to standard”, you mean “the okp style?!” :slight_smile:

I’m using TSG crash pad, Troy Lee Body Armor, Fox Knee pad for 2 years and I’m ultra happy.


I have hard shell elbow pads and soft shell knee pads and I fell yesterday. My hardshell elbow pad took all the force of the impact and my arm was saved of all damage but the soft shell knee pad got caught in the asphalt instead of sliding and it pulled my knee pad down and scrapped up my knee. Now I’d prefer hard shell everything but soft shell is better than nothing.

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Well that makes it clear for me, I am going hard shell!

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Which model? Is the knee pads hard shell or soft? On their webside it seems the knee pad are soft.

Hard shell…big,bulky,but better protection Soft shell…much less bulky and big and obvious,fits under any clothes, not as much protection…

Anyone tried these? Could be a compromise between hard and soft. But will they stay when needed - thats the question.


or this


I just got fox launch knee and shin pads they are super comfy and not bulky and easy to put on and remove.

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Do you wear them in or out of pans?

Out of my pants so I can remove them easier but they can be worn under your pants.

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Same thing happened to me on my elbows, with a soft shell body armor (leatt). But the same thing also happened to me in the past with a hard shell elbow pad. The lesson is, you should check that the protection does not move around. Correct fitting is very important. Apply A LOT of force to your pads, and see if they move around.