Hard time finding 60T wheel pulley within EU


Anybody knows where i can buy this wheel pulley, or the hole kit within EU ?? https://www.amazon.com/Wheel-Pulley-Motor-Electric-Vehicles/dp/B06Y1RZW7T?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06Y1RZW7T&pd_rd_r=25VFT0JWWSYJCZDXZBZ7&pd_rd_w=iDrvQ&pd_rd_wg=GAppr&psc=1


If your looking for a 60T pulley for a mountian board in the EU @Idea is the man. There are a few vendors who offer the normal 32-40t pulleys for flywheels. The one you have linked is not 60T.

But its not a mountian board. Its a “normal” chineese board with 83mm wheel. And the wheel pulley looks exactly like the one on the link, just with 60 T

But thanks… i will get in contact with Idea :slight_smile:

A 60t htd5 has a larger diameter than a 83mm wheel. How should that work? If you use htd3 you also need a htd3 motor pulley

Sorry I`m new to all this. I have taken some pictures, can you tell me what the names of the things i need is ? And is it htd3 or htd5 i have ? I like to have spares laying around. The wheel pulley has 60T and Motor pulley 20 T and the belt is 15mm wide… Thanks

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Your belt says 3M so it is a HTD3 system. These are not standard sizes. You might have more luck upgrading the entire thing to HTD5

What is htd3? (Newbie question, lo siento)

its the pitch… 3mm pitch, 5mm pitch

What would pitch effect, does the belt have to be specific to it?

Do you mind give me a link to what i need to buy, so i can upgrade my system to HTD5. I know that the pulleys and belt, will need replacement after some time, so i like to be prepared, so i don´t have much downtime :slight_smile: Thanks

Btw. What´s the benefits in HTD5 over HTD3, besides its obvious easier to find new parts.

of course… if you look at the picture… a belt with 5mm pitch distance would not fit a pulley with 3mm pitch distance and vise versa. if a belt has 100 teeth @ 3mm pitch it would be 300mm long, @5mm pitch it would be 500mm long… same goes for the pulley.

@silverline contact these people https://www.elxskate.com/ they sell kits and the parts you are looking for they are based in the UK

I know… i bought my kit from them. Unfortunately they are sold out, and they don`t know if they will get new parts :frowning: