Hardware Compression Cell holder [Initial Sale] **Price Adjusted**

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As of now, It will take me a day to print a set of 12s4p . That’s no where close to being sustainable. Because I will still be printing these I’m doing an early cost ended up higher than I wanted to be.

You will have the option of mix of 1s4p and 2s4p modules for cutomized flexibility at different part of your board. Pieces will be cleaned up, Inspected and test fitted before shipping out.

image image Dimension of 1s4p module is 22h x 73w x 76l 2s4p saves 1mm in length. image

Other configurations:

  • 1,2,3,4s 2-8p modules
  • Stagger stack
  • Align stack All available as long as it doesn’t exceed 10 cells in length. Price will be figured out and discussed. image image image


  • Choices of 30Qs or VTC6
  • Hex bit to save elbow grease
  • Mini hex bit ratchet (highly recommending hand turning for finish compression. Not liable for damages caused by over compression)

Offer will be availabled once beta tester receive their units within 2 weeks and provide user feedback and pics.

Saving you some math and comparison:

NESE 10s4p modules = 90 EURO (with 4p modules) and 84 EURO (with 2s4p). + Shipping

Warnning! Subjective opinion, Do NOT over react.

Advantages over spot welding:

  • Low initial cost
    • -cost on spot welder
  • Save you time and effort to
    • Research spot welding technique
    • Source material
  • Modularity
    • Easy to replace cells
    • Easy to upgrade battery pack
    • (Work in progress) travel friendly. Dis assemble into smaller packs for flights
  • Cost


  • Lesser conductivity between cell and busbar/braid contact (this is debatable, not going to argue.)
  • Not fool proof. If you assemble wrong, you and I will be very very sad.
  • Material, 3d printed part not the best at mechanical properties. That’s why I’m raising money to scale up production using other manufacturing method.

Advantage over NESE:

  • shorter module length across cell diameter for more compactness
  • Adjustable flexibility between modules
  • Future prove as I will keep working on these and backward compactible is on the list.

Disadvantage vs NESE:

  • Require a little longer and more tedious to assemble
  • can mess up you if assembled incorrectly

image image image

lots of good photos credit to @neiru37

Cell holder interest and inquiry here. Please keep other discussion on original post.


I’m in. But you already knew that. Sign me up for a 12S4P set of 2S4Ps with all the bells and whistles. Let me know where to send my cabbages.


Is there pictures

updated with pictures.

How do you connect modules between each other? And how do you connect bms wires?

Great job!

Why not use solid bars instead of braid wire? I like the ability to change the cells, nice work

Series connection by tin plated copper braid for adjustable flexibility and spacing between cells. Cut a longer stripe of braid to leave more gap between modules for more flex, shorter Baird otherwise. You can also get the 2s modules to put at the ends of your deck where it has less deflection when your board flex. Balance wire is soldered on to the braid either at the series connection or on a little square hole at the other end of the braid opening hole.

I’m choosing braid because of the advantage of adjustable spacing and flexibility mentioned above. Thing to consider about braid tho. As @Kug3lis pointed out that raid is not as conductive as copper busbar and has more resistance. The thickness of the braid I ended up choosing is much higher rates than needed. I have done a 60A discharge test on 4x 30qs and the braid was definitely colder than the cells at the end. You can check out the video in the other post.

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Sorry guys, I realized I made a mistake. I definitely priced it too high as I was getting hyped by @MiniChopper4Me LOL. no worries. here’s an updated price chart:

  • +shipping (USPS flat rate medium $13.65 for most of them if you get a full battery set) will try to fit in small flat rate box $7.2 if you order smaller sets)

*notice that there’s a big jump in price between 4p to 5p single stack. thats because 5p would require 6 standoffs for compression whereas 4p only requires 4. image 2p image 3p image 4p image 5p image 6p

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Despite all your efforts, I still want one!!! No wait, now I want two

On a more serious note, you did ask me how much I would pay. I may not be the thriftiest shopper around!

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i’m blowing out 30Qs $3.9 a cell if you need em.


What does the 5p stagger stack look like?

Trapezoidal. @thisguyhere I bought those VTC and need to get them out of my hands image

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Beta tester here.

If you’re on the fence, here’s some pictures to inspire you to get this kit:









My approach is slightly different than the original design, but as a beta tester we are experimenting with what we can do to improve upon the design. In my case, I’m trying to use xt-30’s as connectors to modularize the whole system.

The best thing about this kit is that everything is reversible and can be made with readily available components. If mess up the soldering or cutting of the copper braiding I can repurchase supplies separately.

Stay tuned to how I’m planning to modularize the balance cables.


Nice! Love how you made it modular. @Winfly, you should post that last pic on the no words thread.


I edited and reordered the pictures lol. You should probably quote the pic you were referring to.

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These ones.


I like how @neiru37 took his own spin on making them modular. That’s one way you can do it. I’m still struck on integrating some connector into the cell holder and try not to make them bigger.

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Hi, what’s the weight for 12s4p with all the parts except batteries? And when are you shipping? :money_mouth_face:

don’t have a small scale to measure. it’s around 240 grams of filament. + 96 screws + 48 nylon standoff. and 6ft of braid so. ~500 grams? maybe @neiru37 do you have a scale to weight them?

I needed finish my finals in 2 weeks and I will have more time to get organized and figure out the shipping logistics.


You’d be a pretty real G to open source it all.

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