Hardware recession into composite

my bolts have receded into my board this made a little channel and now only an 1/8" of material is left on the bottom…

I am devastated after noticing this, does this mean it is too late to use washers on top… I’m going to the skate shop tomorrow, I haven’t rode the board more than 4 times… who knows what to do here… is it the end? the board is composite… thanks peeps

looking at washers right now for top and bottom going to hit the local skate shop… my concern is I’m using 1" of risers to get clearance with 83mm wheels…

would this approach be safe?

I found this


I would fill those with expoxy then drill out and use washers like you say


what grade expoxy we talkin bout =) how do you stop it from leaking out the back when curing thats what i want to know

Take the bolts out, clean the surfaces (i’d use rubbing alcohol), then tape over the underside of the holes, mix up epoxy, with the surface to be filled level, pour in the epoxy, wait for it to cure, re-drill…

What brand of board is it? Maybe ask Frank @trampa what he would recommend?

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thanks man, can u recommend what to drill with, like just a matching diameter bit right? i will be able to dissasemble the trucks or is like a one time application kinda deal for each time i take it apart

It should just be a one off fix, although i’d add the washers you were thinking of to spread out the load so it doesn’t happen again. Do you think the cause is too much tension when tightening or the lateral loads when your skating. If it is the latter you would have noticed the bolts feeling more loose after use?

when tightening i believe but after i rode i would tighten again and so on and so forth so here we are lol i got alot of riser action for clearance…

does expoxy last long? what kind of tape should i put on the underside hrmmm…

this thing has got me pretty scared lol… the thought of drilling … =|

If you are not confident to do the work, maybe you should do some more research first? Your deck is likely made from layers of fibers and epoxy resins. So filling a hole with more epoxy is just like patching a hole in a brick wall with mortar… The tape isn’t important, it just acts as a physical barrier. I’d use masking tape. Once the epoxy cures it will be solid, bonded to your deck and you would have to brake it to remove it.

It is hard for me to tell, but you might have the wrong sort of hardware attached to your board?

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thats what im feeling… i needed a specific length, but probably made the wrong choice. i hope mixing a small batch of resin will be easy, what brand is legit. also masking tape is easy to remove so thats good news…

Counter sink them and use counter sunk bolts.


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Here’s an example of a commercially available load spreading product


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on my way to the hardware store… can somebody elaborate on the countersinking process, I have conical screws… I’m concerned about drilling the pilot hole do I want it to go all the way through bros…

If your going to fill with epoxy get the jb weld with steel reinforcing, takes forever to set but the best for this senarario, make Shute the hole is made before it is fully set, about 4 hours after allied drill hole, washers would also be good to get, what is the sandwich material in between the carbon?

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Will JB weld bond with the carbon/resin?

If you’re shy to use epoxy and drill I wouldn’t bother with fixing the deck, just switch to trusshead bolts.


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I used it with my carbon deck but for glueing a price of plexiglass in it., the bolts would be a good idea too but would need longer for 1in risers he says he uses

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The washers they use on snowboard bindings would be perfect for this.


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LHB can help you