Has anybody tried modifying something like this?

Magicsee R1 Mini Ring Bluetooth 4.0 Rechargeable Wireless VR Remote Game Controller Joystick Gamepad for Android iphone http://s.aliexpress.com/vAVrMriu?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard

Maybe with a attiny and nrf?

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That looks uncomfortably small

I bet that won’t get mistaken for a gun and get you shot by police. If only it was white…

I’m from a place where you dont get shot by police sorry I didn’t take that into consideration, I’m just looking for a smaller profile for a remote my sparkle died due to a faulty gt2b main board and I have 4 boards and only 2 remotes. I’ve given up on quanums and I had drop outs from one of those little black Chinese thumb remotes. Has anyone got a attiny working reliably with nrf?

IMG_20180401_093259_166Arduino promini