Has anyone amped up the meepo board hub?

As the title says,… Original cheepo esc can only go like 20 each, but anyone tried amping up those 500w motor to like 1000w to each?

Shouldn’t be too hard with vesc, but haven seen anywhere.

Meepo 1.5 runs 40A but that’s on a dual setup…

yeah that’s 20 each. it suffer from hill.

You can try ask someone here, maybe the topic author will ask Ownboard.

this is the info I found on meepo, It would seem the esc won’t pull more than 24A “This ESC is for dual motor. Max Current 24Amps. Sinusoidal wave.”


You could run 100a lipos but It won’t pull more than 24A.

I meant with vesc not the riginal esc.but Thanks!

You are simply limited by the stator size. Their stators are so small that they will become oversaturated very quickly and overheat. The stator simply can’t handle a larger magnetic force than it already is, which is what would happen by pushing more amps into it. This is why hummie stopped producing small hubs like this and stepped it up to a double sized hub motor.


+10 for this once again. Motor construction isn’t magic. All that really matters is the stator size. Stator size indicates copper and iron content, which indicates magnetic saturation, which indicates efficiency, which indicates heat production, which indicates the motor’s true max amperage.


It’s not magic, but their is a geometry between the magnet width and stator teeth width also. They create a trapezoid, which affects motor kv and ultimately, efficiency and heat generation. But the stator is the beginning of everything. Start small and your limiting your self. And you fit into a normal skate wheel, means your stator has to be on the smaller side.

There’s other factors too… Ultimately, you want a large enough stator with a super low resistance. The resistance tells you a lot about how much heat your going to generate once you have a big enough stator :wink:


Yep. The magnets are pretty significant as well, however I excluded mentioning them simply to focus on the bigger picture in this discussion.

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I run them at 50A each with vesc… Jason told me that the max they could take is 50A

Thats 1800w+ @ 10s That’s actually good.

Does it go 25% hill?

Clearly. You can only be amazed by the performance of these hubs with Vesc considering what they are. The torque is very good and no hill would stop me if I am already launched ! I’m 90 kg. But the fact it’s a design made to be trashed and rebuy… i don’t like it I have the old version With bad quality urethane tho. They are not very comfortable as well. But they perform great for the price. I’m really looking forward recieving my hummies so I can try some « real » hubs, still sceptic with comfort but the reflex urethane they are developing seems promising. I use carvon daily so I am a used to use full 97 mm flyweel that are as smooth as the 107’s to me.


Been running the Meepo hubs with vesc since February. 100 -60 25 -12

With Sanyo 10s2p. No complaints and tackles hills easily.


I have ran these suckers today and It seems I overheated them because they went into full brake and acted weirdly in either full brake, unresponsive, or full throttle without me touching the remote.

It has been the warmest day yet riding them with average speed of 27 kph or 17 mph. It was 27 C or 80 F.

Anyone else have experience or know why these hub motors would go into braking when overheated @Hummie @evoheyax ?

If you burn up the enamel protecting the wire, they short together and the motor locks up. But this is permenant. They don’t get better if you let them cool off again.

Mine were working again after they cooled down. Any other ideas?

I would say try another esc. Sounds more like an electronic thing than a motor thing.

Unless, it was your bearings that locked up. Bearings are usually the weakest point in hubs motors in terms of heat. I have had bearing lock up from over heating with hummies v1 motors, since they were also very small hub motors.

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I’m using focboxes. Never had this when it was colder. Also the motors were too hot to touch and hold. I could touch them but not hold my finger on them. You can see here I was going forward but the motor was pulling negative amps.

Well it’s normal for motors to get too hot to the touch and hold. Anything over 100f is really too hot to touch and hold, and they should be good to at least 150f.

It seems to me like the bearing might be overheating. Metal balls expand under heat and the grease cooks out and they lock up. Then when they cool, they shrink again and are fine.

If that is the problem, then the bearings will break after you do this a few times as they lose their lube and it’s just metal on metal rubbing at that point.


isn’t this temp cutoff problem? I cooked a motor few times but usually it just stops moving with smoke comming out. u shouldnt even touch it, you will have blister,

but could be bearing as well due to expension