Has anyone amped up the meepo board hub?

Yeah perhaps but I doubt it since no such problem when they cool down.

I see, did you soldered bigger connectors on them? Those clear rubber covers from the original connectors are melting easily once i had one of them getting brown and touching another phase wire under vibration. I tried this hubs with 15 amps, 20 amps and 30 amps , so for dual setup 30, 40 and 60 amps. I could not feel a difference in torque beyond 20 amps but i noticed that they get way hotter with 30 amps.

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maybe possible heat increase resistance and those motor use thinner wire than it may affect foc try sensored. they do get saturated with amp as other says so that could be it

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I did replace a few connectors since some of them felt loose over the past few days and when one of them had a loose connection it also definitely make it sound wierd and also brake until it caught up with speed again with the other hub motor.

I will replace all the connectors.

I wish there was a consistency with the faults of the motors I am experiencing now.

This morning I went out to commute to work with them and something did not feel right. It did not sound weird but it did feel like one of the motors was hesitating in acceleration and yet I went to test ride yesterday evening and it felt absolutely fine again.

Damn it. It was reliable af before the connector loss issue and colder weather.

I’m leaning to the connectors now as the problem. This is the only consistency I have with my problems that started.

Also one of the fricking connectors of the Focbox side broke off earlier which I resoldered with a new one.

Thanks for the input guys, and perhaps gals no?

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Broken connectors doesn’t sound good man. You could have damaged your vesc with shorting the phase wires. Look in the BLDC tool for faults. I am still at no clue why your motors accelerated without you pushing the trigger.

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The metr app, eskate vesc app don’t show any faults. Would the bldc tool show them otherwise?

I have the whole event on tape. I’ll see if I can find the time with my lazy ass to upload it.

I never used the metr. app and have no knowledge about what it can do and not can do. But why would your motors accelerate with bad phase wire connections?

maybe time for video!

Here is where it starts. I go up this hill and it throws me off.

This second one is 12 min showing the throttling without remote input. You can also see that when I let go it brakes immediately.

Your wiring is a mess in that tupper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is your reciever located close to your battery or phase wires? Try to get the reciever as far as possible from wires carrying high currents. I am leaning towards problems with your remote\reciever when your apps are not showing any DRV faults.

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it looks like u cooked the motor half way, or the receiver is broken.

Receiver is under the master phase wires bottom left.

Alright I’ll try the nano x see what that results to.

Also check your phase wire plugs again, that strange stuttering might come from bad connections too.

It was the location of the receiver. Haven’t tried anything else but as soon as I relocated it the problem was gone. Also the motors were cold this time since I just went out and it happened instantly.

What is weird is that for the whole ride from the last ride until about a km from my house it started doing this, so that small chance that the receiver antenna I guess was moved to interfere with the signal during the ride is what happened to cause the interference.


wow that is awesome!

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Just figured it out why the interference did not start until the end of the ride last time.

I have the focboxes and receiver fastened via velcro tape which is stuck with the adhesive layer on the back of the velcro. At the end of the ride the focboxes get hot enough or have been hot enough for long enough to let the adhesive melt and release from the focboxes which in turn moves them around in the enclosure and get in the way of the receiver which caused the interference.

Do not place your receiver near the phase wires. That is where I notice the interference starts to happen.


100a/-60a motor amps? 100a each? or 50a per hub?

Most vescs can’t do 100a motor, or if they can not for long…

I bet he uses vesc 6 :thinking:

25 batt amps each and 100 motor amps each.