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Has anyone attempted this VESC 6.6 4wd setup...?

Wondering if anyone has attempted to convert their build into a 4wd setup by soldering the two wires from the CANBUS on one Flipsky 6.6 Dual VESC to a second one as seen in the pic below? Did it work?

The CANBUS on the 6.6 Plus version of the 6.6 Dual has a port for the wires but there are only two wires yet four pins on the PCB board. Anyone know what gives? (I am speaking about Flipsky Dual 6.6 VESC only)


This is from the 6.6 dual mini. 4wd is has it’s own position on the switch… looks like the CAN bus is used for 4wd and its 4 pin. Screenshot_20190730-215105_Samsung%20Internet

I did for a a few days just for fun.

It was 4wd 6374 with a 1:5 gearing on 8 inch tires

The front couldn’t get enough traction due to the slight wheelies it did from the back motors.

I instead went with bigger dual motors and cut the price substantially

SOflo - Yes, it is from the mini. It was the best image of the canbus switch that looks identical to mine on the 6.6 standard (not ‘plus’). I was using it to illustrate my question if anyone was able to connect the points specified and how were the 4wd results…

Still looking for input/results if anyone has any. Thanks!

Dirtbag - so it worked? You soldered the connections exactly as shown and the VESC did indeed drive the four motors no problem? No sparking ESC or anything, lol? I’m using 6354 motors. I have soldered wires to the points identified but I am nervous to apply power. It’s $600 worth of VESC that’s on the line here so I am hoping to get positive feedback before I take the leap…Was there any negative results from doing this? You just didn’t want 4wd?

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@kchxaz you need to tag @Dirt_Bag to make sure he get a notification and can answer if soldering the CAN did work.

I run quad on other vescs and i don´t use CAN to connect the vesc. I just bind a receiver to the front vesc and one receiver to the back vescs (each side is connected via CAN than). That will work with every vesc, also with your. you just don´t have traction controll between 4 wheels, only between two wheels, but that is no big issue in my humble opinion.

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I didnt even bother with that layout. I just used a ppm splitter cable and copied the settings on all 4 vescs. For perfect throttle matching, make sure you map the throttle identically on both.

DB - I’m probably over thinking this but what do you mean exactly to map the throttle identically? You mean the min/neutral/max wheel throttle position sensor? But you’ve only got one receiver (since you have a cable splitter coming off your single receiver - one for each Dual VESC, correct?), so you wouldn’t have to perform the app wizard setup for throttle matching, right? Am I thinking about this the wrong way?

Program dual vescs as normal. Just match the ppm values on each vesc and your good.

Theres really nothing difficult about it, set up your first vesc and then do the second to match all the settings.

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Will this work for 6wd?

That I cannot answer with confidence. Instinct tells me that you will need three dual VESC’s if you want to approach a 6WD solution. Even then I’m not sure how you would wire the canbus’s in that instance. If you haven’t bought your VESC(s) yet definitely go with the “plus” version that supports 4WD. When I bought my VESC’s I asked Flipsky more than a few questions about VESC’s being able to be used for 4WD solution and even with the back and forth questions the dumbass answering emails had no clue and I ended up buying the incorrect VESC’s (my knowledge of VESC’s then isn’t what it is now).

Speaking of Flipsky VESC’s, yes they are cheaper than the competition but so are the devices - Cheap! Didn’t end up making a difference since one of the VESC’s showed up DOA and when I tried contacting flipsky I was ignored. When the other VESC took a shit less than a month later and I finally did get someone’s attention they had the balls to charge me to fix the goddamn thing, including the one that was DOA. Never again will I buy Flipsky products of any kind.

Now that I remind myself of that catastrophic error in judgement, might want to avoid Flipsky VESC’s all together. Just be sure that what you do buy supports 4WD connections. May I ask how this is going to be set up? I’m trying to picture a 6WD esk8 in my head…

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Tank drive style with mix steering

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