Has anyone been successful in Upgrading the battery for their Mototec 1600w Board?

Just wondering if Anyone here has been successful in upgrading the Battery on their Mototec 1600w board? I am running 3, 12v 15ah Lead-Acid batteries, And im looking to increase Range. Iv been looking at 36v 30-40ah Lithium\Lifepo4 batteries to use as a replacement. I know there are some other Threads about this same Topic but none of them showed if they where successful or not.

Curious if you ever found a solution for this. I am in the same boat? Thanks

Yes and no, while no here responded i found a few 2 people that Modified their boards, 1 Person refused to help me out or at least give specs, the other person refereed me to Long-haired boy, he is a great option but the upgrade would cost me about $1,100 for everything, then i found a local builder names Tiller, but he was charging 1k as well, then when i asked for something a little smaller or cheaper he just stopped messaging me. But i learned a few things along the way and know that all you need is a LifeP04 or Lipo battery, with a BMS and Voltage meter, and as long as you stay under 10s you will be fine, i have found a few batteries i wanted to purchase fro around $500 but never pulled the trigger.

I have 45 x 26650 5Ah cells which I’m going to sell as a battery pack with bms and everything you need. But yeah I can only make a 10S4P with them and that’s 20Ah with max continue discharge of 100A. I’m from EU

For a beginner I would just buy a premade battery on ebay. You get the charger and everything you need. You only need to solder the connection to your board and not the batteries themselves. I also recommend not using a pack will parallel cells because it’s just a pain in the butt and some of the cells will inevitably fail and it’s harder to fix. Just go with the 10Sx1P packs made with the rectangular (prismatic) cells. It’s just easier to deal with. Lifepo4 lasts longer but lithium cobalt is cheaper, lighter, and smaller. Do you really need that much range though?

I’m looking to buy a mototec 1600w used in 2 weeks and if that goes through I’ll be building my own battery pack for it. I have a 24v lifepo4 pack I never got around to using and I’m gonna add some cells to get it up to 36v and put it into the mototec. Lead acid is trash.

Sorry to revive an old topic, but has anyone tried using a 48v (13s or 14s) battery with the stock controller? I ask because I know a good number of ebike controllers are 36v/48v and I couldn’t find any model number or identifying marking on the controller. Thanks,