Has anyone bought from dickyho and is he leigt


(sorry dickyho if your reading this I’m sure your legit and you seem like a nice guy)

Has anyone bought items from dick yo, If so is he legit? I’m sure he is I don’t mean to offend anyone but before I buy expensive items I need to know if the seller is legit.

Sorry again dickyho i know you have great positivity on eBay.

Thanks, guys.

yes he’s legit, I have bought two esc’s from him and they were great and were 100% real

This is the most embarrassing thread I’ve read all week


Ok thank you he seems like a really nice guy I just need to make sure

Look I’m not spending 200USD until i have done PLENTY of research

lol there seems to have been an increase in these kinds of threads…

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and btw this really isn’t the right category for this, should be in general discussion

And as I said on the topic I need to do my research before I spend a lot of money that’s just who I am

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thanks for pointing that out. I changed it

most of the ebay sellers do sell legit parts, but its more than obvious that they will be clones, other than the esc’s

I am more asking about will he send items, not like a seller I think called Alex

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lol no, hes not like Alex… Alex stole probably over $50,000 from different people. That’s what I call a bad guy

Yes I can agree on that

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All you need to do is use Paypal goods and services and you will have buyer protection.


I think the $400 Abec flywheels were more embarrassing


I think that thread was better suited for the most ridiculous category


I nearly choked on my food


We need a new category named “Ridiculous Topics”

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Well I’m dedicating this to Dicky Ho … wherever you are :heart: