Has anyone built an e-snowboard like Leiftech?

I beginning to get attracted by this idea.

These two videos got me hooked:

I’d like to build something like this ASAP

How about buying a freebord and change the center wheels with hub motors?


The biggest problem would be the wires. The center wheels needs to spin around freely. :confused:

How does Leif does it?

Something like this:

But rated for a lot more power

There is an exploded view of it on their website.

@until is your man. I saw quite a few videos of his where he is riding his electric version. There is a thread with pictures etc but I cannot recall what it was called.

I have been riding leiftech board for 3 months now. It’s really fun board especially the sliding part. I regularly have to repair a lot of things and they really late sending the sparepart.

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