Has anyone charged 3, 2s batteries in series?

im wanting to order my batteries and want to go with 3 2s batteries for now so i can make a 10s battery like @Namasaki later on, but dont want to use a bms yet, but also want to solder the wires to make it one battery to charge. So has anyone seen a triple 2s to 6s balance series lead connector? id just like to buy something to get things going before I build. ive never done lipos so im not confident yet in turning 3 balance ports into one. plus i dont want to cut them if im going to change them later… sorry for being so scatterbrained! lol

I think you can just get one of the 6s connectors and connect the wires into it, then wire them in series like you said. Isn’t that the same thing a 6s battery pack is?

I understand how that is possible. But I’m unsure how to do it and how hard it would be to do. I’d really like to just plug them in but if that’s not an option I can learn!

Find a 6 pin connector, and splice the wires from each battery lead into it. Do you already have a battery charger?

Yes, I have an iMAX bca6 dual power… I’ve never used it before though, it was given to me by a friend who lightly used it

What you can do is order something like this

http://m.ebay.com/itm/191966400985?_trksid=p2385738.m2548.l4275&_mwBanner=1 And connect those wires to the battery leads you have. Plug the batteries into series, and then your charger should charge it is a single 6s battery. Theoretically. I think.