Has anyone ever seen this happen?!?! Exploded aps!

APS 8072S 165kv 6000w exploded!!! If you look at the pics it exploded from inside out. 1.5-2yra ran fine. Prolly 60 rides a year 10-12mi each offroad. Cleaned often maintained well. image image image image


Fuck, i don’t think i have ever seen such a catastrophic motor failure where the can peels apart like that before.

Looks like the can has started to fail near the hole for those screws that fix can to face plate.

I suppose the other potential root cause could be a loose magnet that drops from the can and gets stuck between can & stator, causing it to leverage the can off the face plate.

They really need to make out-runners with thicker can wall, that also help prevent flux leakage.


Absolutely nutz. masters of the eskate universe. @Nowind @longhairedboy @Namasaki you guys ever see something like this? Dealing w Bruno now he said he has never seen that happen before. I think best thing to do is two new motors. Hopefully Alien power systems will help me out as that is clearly a defect. In the event that doesnt happen any suggestions on motors to replace those. @nowind want to keep ur unbelievable kit on there and spacers. That sh*t is indestructible! Appreciate your crafting skills and high quality steel. Hope everyone is healthy and safe.

@onloop if you look hard at magnets a few of them are mangled could be what happened. How that happens i have no idea. I even checked alignment. Its fine nothing moved bolts tight using blue loctite. Im lucky Im not dead was in sand gravel so board slid when the peeled can hit @nowind motor guard. Phewww

Pretty hard to prove this is a manufacturing fault though. I wouldn’t expect to get a free replacement, Unless of course that motor is only hours or at most days old. I think you need to wear this one, maybe ask for a small discount or free shipping on your next purchase?

Yeah I am def not looking for a handout I dont mind supporting small business in times like these. APS hooked me up w 15% discount code which covered a bit more than shipping. I bought two new motors and will use the old working one for a future project. Hopefully they ship soon need to get back up and skating!