Has anyone figured out how to make Smart Turn On work on a custom esk8?

As the title said just wondering if someone was able to make this a thing, alot of offiicial esk8s have it but I’m curious if the DIY community can replicate it. Smart Turn On basically means you can turn on your remote and go, but correct me if I’m wrong

Basically your board is always on :wink:


I don’t know any pre-builds that have this ability. Maybe you’re thinking of Push to start?

Maybe? I’m pretty sure the raptor 2 has it? or the mellow board?

Correct me if I’m wrong, But you are referring to the remote turning on both the controller and Eboard. I think a push to start is a good alternative for this as I have not seen and “smart” turn on features.


Well @onloop would know , but it would be a feature that all Focboxes have. Mellow requires push to use similar to unsensored Drives.

But no , lie @Kug3lis said , that would require you to always have your Board on, similar to how the Xbox One and PS4 are always on. and that’s not practical for boards like these.

A better implementation are push to start that DIYEboards ESC’s have

As well as the ability to shut off the board via remote like the Boosted V2 has.


Thank you so much, that makes a lot of sense and I appreciate you explaining that. Personally I couldn’t care less about a feature like that because for me its not that hard to bend over and plug in an xt90 or push a power button. But I’m looking to selling my boards to friends and people ik and I’ve seen that people really love this feature in pre-builts. Thanks again and anyway we can make our DIY esk8s better or on par with pre-builts I’m curious.

I have left my board turned on for couple of days accidentally, few times, and while i have measured the voltage, it has practically drained nothing. So i think leaving the board in always on doesn’t matter if you are using it often. So that concludes that the smart-on could be mostly useless feature. Better would be smart-off :smiley:

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Smart turn on is on Meepo and InBoard M1

On a Meepo. You can turn off the board but if you roll the wheels the board will wake up (I’m pretty sure that’s how it works)

The InBoard M1 USED to be on ALL THE TIME. you’d turn on the remote and the board will connect and be ready to ride. There’s no on/off button on that board. Problem with that is the board is constantly searching for the Bluetooth connection and on Monday I would have a dead board after a weekend of not using the board. I advised them of Meepo’s use of wheels to turn the board on and InBoard’s recent update added that feature. It no longer looks for the BT connection unless a wheel is turned. Now I lose 20% battery over the weekend instead of 90% like before.

TL;DR you will lose battery life having this feature

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Sry my finglish doesn’t understand this sentence. Word will make up?


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Oops. Cellphone auto correct. BOARD. WAKE

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Ah well that makes sense :grinning:

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Sleep mode with a switch could work but the VESC does not support it. Having push to start would require even more work. But yeah: this feature would be nice to have

Hmm… accelerometer with Arduino or something, connected to sparkswitch input, with adjustable on- and off-delay. Shouldn’t be hard to make, even with my bad coding skills.

Would you even need all that? Dosen’t ESC’s receive small power when you run the wheels? (I could be wrong) Just have software that utilizes a condition where if Powered, turn on.

Killed 2 battery packs because of this, the vesc and receiver drain the battery due to their LED mostly. if you leave your board turned on for a week with a 30% full battery you’ll find it dead drained.

True, but like drassak said, the VESC LEDs and receiver drain the battery too quick, so the function can’t be within VESC.

use a turnigy remote on off switch and wire it on a bms e switch so turn on your remote, send a signal with ch2 or whatever the switch uses, the switch then closes the circuit, and when its closed bms sends power to the vescs and motors its not so complicated and people have done it

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so this so far seems like it makes the most sense and seems super convenient, but can someone explain how the power switch would even work in this case? I mean there is no shot that one of these little guys can be connected directly on the power line right?

They are not connected to main wires They are connected to a bms