Has anyone got this board (slick Revolution in the UK)

Its their small mini e board version

For referance i have been comparing it against the Action Blink S board

re-branded chinese junk. if you want a cheap board for not a lot of money look for the benchwheel dual 1800 or better yet, check out @Alextech and his “Mach 1”.

I know they get some stick but I’m pretty impressed with my magneto / koowheel.

Have you ever ridden a Bencwheel Dual 1800? Or a single 10s 190kv build?

I’ve had a play on a benchwheel, I prefer my magneto.

That surprises the crap out of me.

I’ve ridden a Magneto, I wanted to run over it with my jeep, burn the pieces, throw those in a dumpster, blow up the dumpster and then pray over the ashes that I would never see one again :slight_smile:.


I remember the Benchwheel having major issues with their electronics. Don’t know if they ever gotta it straightened out. The Yuneec Ego is a low cost dependable factory board with good support. Just not very fast and cant climb steep hills very well unless your a feather weight.

Ha, why? After you put softer bushes in the trucks so you can actually carve, it’s fun ride. Looks better and built better than the benchwheel, and you don’t feel like your a foot away from the tarmac.

Granted it was just a play after bumping into a fellow esk8er so not a full test run.

It handles hills well and reached 22.7mph on the flat in fast mode, normal mode it tops out around 16 - 17mph. It could do with a larger battery pack and those hub motors are harsh on the bumps.

But for £500 it’s fun and affordable.

Id love a posh ride but my wealth won’t allow for such things

I cant speak for the entire line, but the one I got for my son has been great. He only weighs 125lbs, so that may be part of it. Buut I rode it for a week or so and didn’t have any issues. Also, I bought it directly from the manufacturer, not a 3rd party retailer.

Is your Benchwheel a dual or single?

Benchwheel Dual 1800, it’s my kids but he already wanting to change the deck and wheels, better motors, etc. Prolly just gonna use it for parts at some point.

You could sell it and build him a custom hot rod.

@mmaner Thanks for the Rec!

@FaIsePhoenix Personally shelling out the money now and getting a upgradable platform from me is ultimately going to save you money. When i was planning out the build for the “Mach 1” i wanted to keep it a cheap as possible, but as little sacrifices at the same time. Assuming you like the magneto, You should have a more then thriller transition to something far superior. Better yet Its AFFORDABLE! haha. I Think most people just dont want to see people buying “re-branded Chinese junk”

Thinking about doing just that, but it might be cheaper to use the parts. Haven’t really gotten to deep I to it yet.

Benchwheel is produced in China in the same factories as Koowheel… I’m contacting a Koowheel official reseller who also have your loved chinese Benchwheel for sale!!

I have the bamboo flex-E-Board and it is outstanding… great battery life and good top speed. I am actually in the process of switching out the back truck to an evolve truck and to all terrain wheels(pneumatic ones, not the rough stuff wheels) those i was not a fan of honestly.

Tried one and was utterly disappointed, slow, drive issues and failure to stop properly caused me to send mine back. Customer service was also pretty poor as they failed to honour terms and conditions if you were not satisfied - had to claim back from my credit card.

Buy the same budget board from China, build your own or try and get one from a decent manufacturer if you can.

Damn that is disappointing I just ordered hubs drive gears Pulleys and tubes and tires. I guess I can always use them as spares on my evolve. What was the main issue the motor power? And yes I completely agree with the customer service and honoring anything or standing by their product is super super horror story. I’m still actually waiting on belts they practically made me order for a replacement controller which I think I will dispute. I wish I could have disputed the entire board but Kickstarter made that impossible. I will say the board quality and battery life has been good thus far.

Does anyone know the esc output for the DUAL Flex e Board? I am getting 5065 motors and switching the trucks to the Evolve trucks. My only worry is that even with the new motors, that there will not be enough power to move pneumatic tires. I think the battery will be powerful enough, but I am just not sure if I would need to switch out the esc as well as the motors?