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Has anyone had any issues contacting OllinBoardCo/Chaka?

Hi guys. I’m in progress on my first build and at this point am just waiting on my VESC from @chaka. His site claimed a 3-4 week lead time when I ordered and its now been 23 days since then. I’ve tried emailing and private messaging him to no response. Its just odd that he now has stock that is “in stock ready to ship!” and I’m still waiting without any kind of update. I in no way want to shed any poor light undeservedly on Chaka, I’m just wondering if this is typical of ordering from him.

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I’m in the exsame position atm. I ordered one from him a couple of weeks ago, at which point he told me there would be a 2 - 3 week lead time. I’ve tried contacting him a couple times in the last week or so asking for an update and I haven’t heard anything.

Have you tried contacting him through his website by any chance?

@michaelcpg @gamma2 Best to get a hold of me through my email. I have already sent a message to each of you with your shipping information.

I was actually directed here by another customer so please use my email system if you need some information. I get a lot of emails every day too so be patient or send another if you do not hear back within 24 hours.


Boom chaka-laka.
Chaka produces great product, and backs up all his work. You wont regret the product you get. I know it seems like forever after the money departs but really man I can’t sing his praises enough…he will do right by you.

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Great to hear from you chaka, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

@chaka Hey dude I’ve been trying to contact you through messaging on this site and through email. I placed my order 1/27 and I haven’t heard any updates from it. I’m just wondering whats going on and when to expect it.

I’m back in this situation as well. He emailed me last weekend saying my VESC would be shipped on Monday and he’d send me a tracking number but I haven’t heard anything since, even after trying to contact him by email a couple times.

Its really confusing to hear all these rave reviews of Chaka and his product but not see him provide the same level of customer service. Its been over four weeks since my order and a a week and two unanswered emails since he said my VESC was ready to ship. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, and this being my first build I don’t really know what to expect in terms of wait time and such for the VESC. Just hoping it gets here soon so I can get cruising.


I bought two VESC’s from Enertion and the shipping was impressively fast and painless. But one was dead on arrival and the build quality of the remaining one is mediocre at best. I got a store credit to compensate for the bad one so I bought a remote, which is also mediocre in my opinion.
I then ordered two VESC’s from @chaka and yes indeed, I had to be really patient and I didn’t really receive lots of feedback but they got here in the end. Quality is far better. He did promise me a hoodie for my patience but then suddenly ran out of my size. Whatever, no biggie.
I did manage to blow the DRV on one and @chaka repaired it like a pro. And for free.

So the question I ask is: would you rather be impressed by shipping times and communication or by quality ?

I am down to a one man army right now so I apologize for the wait guys. You should all have a tracking update in you box, if not send me an email and I will fish it out for you.

@trbt555 Next time we screen print some hoodies you will be the first to receive one.

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I am another in the line of poor communication. Ordered a vesc and didn’t hear anything for weeks. I did reach out to him and got a reply of: it should be shipping within the week. That was 2 weeks ago. I sent another email with no response yesterday. I am of the mind that I don’t mind waiting if there is a legitimate reason. A message saying hey I haven’t forgotten about you, it’s coming in another 2 weeks; or what ever. No contact at all is hard on the patience.

Received a reply from chaka on Saturday saying that my order will go out in the morning, he even sent me a link to a tracking number which got me excited. I’ve been checking the tracking information daily since then and it’s still not even showing that USPS has received the package so I’m assuming chaka hasn’t actually sent it yet (Maybe USPS is just useless at updating tracking information?). I emailed him again about this yesterday but no response yet.
I agree with you @Tothpl, I have no issue with being patient but it does get frustrating when there is little in the way of communication, especially when I’ve been told several times over the past week and a half that my order will be shipped out the following day.

Hey guys, I placed my order on Feb 9th.

Edit: I just received an email for shipping, finally :slight_smile:

Does that email include tracking information?
I’ve placed my order the 13th of feb, haven’t heard anything since.
Hope to hear something soon, because the weather here is getting better and better now :slight_smile:

I’m in a similar situation but I emailed @chaka and received the tracking info I know we get a little desperate now that the weather it’s getting better but remember the guy is working his ass off to produce this devices so let’s cut some slack to the man.

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Yes, I received tracking info. But yeah, I’m sure he’s working as fast as he can. I’m guilty of being impatient, I apologized for it.

I ordered 2/13 no word yet…

My tracking info’s been updated showing they received my package on Friday, look forward to it arriving now :slight_smile:

For fucks sake, just tell us when to expect our shit man!

Whats your name? @ekitesurfer We can start with that and move forward. Or…send An email?