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Has anyone heard of Bull Skateboards?

Hey, I’m completely new to this forum and I hope this is in the right category! I’m interested in getting a board and I’ve been doing a bit of research by having a look around this forum and checking out all the different brands. I’m thinking about which board I want to buy and I came across these guys recently and haven’t seen anything about them.
Bull R3000W
Any body have any experience with them? They’ve got another dual one with a wooden deck:
Wood 3600W`
Seems to be like a good deal 3000W motors, 352Wh battery (if my calculations are correct) for a cheap price. I’m guessing it’s too good to be true? I thought I would come here as I’m completely new to all this.
Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Fix your links :). Hyperlink it

Chinese clone of some type

Whoops! Thanks for the tip. Did a bit more research and it turns out you can buy them on Alibaba. It didn’t look like any of the other Chinese clones I’ve seen. Anybody have any info on them? Would the replacement parts be easily sourced?

this is the first time i’ve seen the non-hub version

You turn the board on first?! Who the hell are these guys. Actually a good question.

Haha. This is funny.

I don’t know what ping pong means but the more electric vehicles the better. And the quicker the Chinese are here…the quicker the inevitable happens and they don’t jack my car so that cool.
I live in a Chinese neighborhood. Do 80 year old men and women pick out the aluminum or maybe glass containers out of the recycling the world round? Not in philly pa but here in SF ca… It’s not even littering when you drop cans because they’ll be by in under five. But They’ll pass by a flat screen tv and get five cent cans. Perseverance and ignorance. Craigslist. Sell it. Get an email address.

There’s a new Bull skate truck brand as well. That’s what sucked me in. 180mm with rhinestones

Can this be moved to the chinese board thread.

Don’t buy the wood version. Its a Benchwheel and people who bought those are having problems with them cutting out under acceleration.