Has anyone managed to open older Meepo hubs?

I know they have been used on other Chinese boards as well, but this is the kind of hub motor I mean: image

Why I’m asking this is because the bearings on one of my motors are in a need of replacement. The motor doesn’t spin at all. With the help of a battery and an ESC it moves, but as soon as I let go of the trigger, the wheel stops while the other wheel keeps spinning for several seconds.

Anyway, I tried to open the thing up by unscrewing the screws I circled on the image above, but couldn’t. These things are in there really really tight. I applied my whole body weight (which is a lot) on these stupid screws, but the thing wouldn’t budge. I just rounded the screw heads a bit.

Has anyone managed to actually open these? Any tips or guidance? I saw one video where the motor was taken apart, but the man filming didn’t even mention these screws were hard to remove. I don’t know what to do. I really want to repair my motor, but have no idea how to approach these six devils.

I am truly lost here.

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I dont know much about hub motors but i used a little pocket torch to heat up the grub screws and loosen the loctite. Just be careful not to heat it up too much because then you will loosen magnets or destroy other critical parts. Try doing just one screw at a time when you heat it up. I have 6374 outboard motors

Better than heat them up, put the motors in the freezer for couple hours, it works pretty well.

With the hex bit in the bolt :joy::joy: don’t want to not have it fit if your tools aren’t the best

I managed to open these, one model had hex screws which were really easy to open and the other ones were with phillips screws which were a pain in the ass. I managed to mess up one of the screw heads and had to drill it out. which is not too difficult. When you put your motors together again replace the screws with hex screws.


I am cursed with the philip heads. Does drilling out mean just straight up drilling a hole through the screw?

check this video it might help know what you will find inside

I have an extra hub that is the same style with black urethane. Interested in it. Would get you back on the road and i’m not using it.


I might be interested, I’ll PM you :smirk::smirk:

Yes you need to drill through the screws, but make sure your drill is smaller in diameter than the screw to not mess up the thread. After you drilled them you need to pry out the remaining screw, do that gently. The magnets hold the can on the stator really firm, using a rubber hammer helps to get the can off. After you moved the can with the Urethane for 1cm put the whole assembly with the truck between your feets and use both hands to move it off. Your motor will look likely as those in the pictures i will ad. 20190217_093357 20190217_093338 20190217_093325 The replacement Urethane sold by Verreal and Aeboards are overpriced now, when I replaced mine they were much cheaper. If you can score a cheap used motor with replaceable Urethane covers I would definitely go this route. They advertise the motors as waterproof, but this is actually not true, maybe the new ones with replaceable Urethane are better in this regard. I hope you get back on your board soon!


I used an impact screwdrive… What they use to get the screw loose on the rotor for car brakes… Took.a few swift hits with a large hammer… Basic screwdriver wont work… But i probably have a couple (or single) hubs i could let go.of for cheap… Instead of wasting time on labor, parts and.frustration :wink:


Very generous offfer, but considering the time you posted it, you must be from the states. I’m afraid shipping will go through the roof :confused:

Since I cant get any of the screws open to check the size, do you happen to remember the size by any chance? :smiley:


Screenshot taken from the video posted above. It’s coincidentally the same video I mentioned in my original post.

Just ordered a stripped screw remover drill bits. I hope they can handle the job.