Has anyone managed to remove battery from space cell?

Silicone everywhere, on the side and under the battery… i could cut all the side and remove the silicone but i can’t remove it because there’s a FREAKIN TON of silicone underneath… id like to use this battery on my new build so i need to remove it.

Does heat affect silicone ?

do you know it is silicone or acrylic?

I don’t know i’m not sure, to me it seems like the kind of paste you use in the bathroom in the croners or in between the tiles on the shower. Or the paste you would use to airtight windows. All i know it’s that i had to cut all the sides, nothing sticks on the 4 sides anymore. Just underneath. And i’d like to keep the enclosure, don’t want to break it while removing

Hardware stores usually sell some kind of liquid brush-on chemicals to dissolve silicone. It is used when cleaning the sanitary silicone you are talking about or when changing glass in windows, it may help you get most of the stuff off.

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acrylic is not used in bathroom applications. (not for sealing wet things like shower)

you can try and pull a stripe from it, silicone is more elastic and you should get a long string, acrylic would rip off after a bit.

you can try non-polar; aromatic or chlorinated solvents to check for silicones or remove them.

2-Propanol or ethanol should swell acrylic stuff.

be careful of using solvents or solutions for removing, i don’t know which material the space cell is made of!


Wont damage the battery you think ?

Just cut that sucker out!!! Fr tho just take an x-acto knife and cut down the middle of the glue, just be gentle

That’s what i finally did. i have to completely rework the battery tho The silicone messed with the vinyl weap and the isolasion pads

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