Has anyone NOT had issues with the Winning Remote?

Today I have almost died 3 times with this remote. So I was riding at 20km/have and then suddenly the board just takes off from my feet ( luckily I wore a helmet and I there weren’t any cars around). Also when remote loses the connection for couple seconds and then restores it , the boards just flies off my feet (fukin hate that ). Does anyone know how can I do failsave? So that if the remote loses connection the board could just coast freely?

You need to correctly set up the remote/VESC so when you turn the remote off the throttle is centered.How did you initially set it up?

I belive I set it up correctly because when I turn off the romote the motor does not spin by itself. It used to that before but I fixed it.

When I ride there is some sort of lag between the remote and the reciver. When I throttle, the motor would not work for like a second and then when connection comes back it just gives instant boost to the motor and then I fall down lol.

What I mean is that he the board starts “drag racing” Which is so fukin dangerous. I am kinda scared to ride at higher speeds

Do you use a VESC? If the answer is yes then turn on the display in BLDC-Tool with remote on and see what happens when you turn off the remote. The display should show 50%.

I dont really understand what you mean. Yes I have a VESC

I mean you can see at the bar the throttle/brake range. When you turn off the remote the green bar should stay at 50%. With remote on the bar in trigger neutral also 50%. Full brake 0%, Full throttle 100%. If this is not correct you have to set the values of pulsewith in BLDC-Tool and failsafe (look in the manual of the remote).

For example: This is ackmaniacs version of BLDC Tool 2.52 so maybe yours looks different.

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Personally, I don’t like the short distance between full throttle and brake as it seems too close. And I had one that wouldn’t hold a charge for very long. Outside of that, I have never had connection issue with this remote. The failsafe is ideal for our uses too.

I haven’t had any issues with my winning remote. But I’m not using a VESC and I don’t think there’s a ton of interference where I live. Still a happy customer.

I was using this remote with the tb 6s esc and it was a nightmare. Constantly dropping signal causing the esc to hit the brakes for a split second, the throttle range is also so short that it is almost impossible to accelerate smoothly. This made riding the board terrifying and i found myself bracing to fall the whole time never going over speeds that i felt safe to jump off. I switched to the gt2b and it solved all my problems, all I can say is DONT USE THIS WITH THE TB 6S ESC

I got 50% at neutral. Full throttle is %100. Brake throttle is 11%. Also my BLDC tool looks a little different than yours. i don’t have the graph

The graph is only at ackmaniacs BLDC-Tool. Probably you use version 2.18. If you want to have 0% at brake you have to adjust the pulswith. Did you try to turn off the remote after it was on? Is it 50% then?

Just wanted to share my experience with this remote.

I had signal loss issues initially but eventually got them removed using a ferrite ring and by extending the ppm wires to locate the receiver further from the vesc’s and battery wires. Haven’t had issues with it since.

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Don’t be silly, we need a least 2x of them.

I did the same but this doesn’t help to avoid interferences from the outside. Always when I came to the same place next to the railway I lost the signal.

I´ve done the same. Weld a cable on the antenna and put it around the finger part of the housing. Then i took a ferrit ring and winded the servo cable from receiver to ESC a few times.

Took a ride and had not a single dropout! So this definitely helps!

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This little winning remote was working great and all of a sudden my board stopped running. Everything lights up as usual remote receiver and vesc but giving it throttle on the remote doesnt get the wheels to turn.

Is there a manual way of checking if its the remote or the receiver that’s shot?

Have you checked for faults on your VESC?

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Im not sure how to check for fault codes…it lights up normally and both died at the same time. I think is a control or reciever issue.

If i plug vesc into bldc will it post any fault codes somewhere?

Go to the terminal tab and type in faults and hit enter

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Says no faults…also the motor detection works. I ordered the 2.4ghz 3ch reciver from hobby king that they recomended on this thread

Hopefully its not the remote…