Has anyone received their Vesc-x?

I know Jason mentioned that their warehouses around the work were going to get the new Vesc-x on the 23rd of December. I have had an order pending since the 16th with no word on them yet.

So I am trying to figure out if anyone has gotten them yet or could there have been a new delay?

Thanks guys!

The first 30 prototypes went to people. There is a huge delay, Mike from support told me they would ship on the 15th, then the 23rd, then the 27th, now he doesn’t know.

Well that’s wonderful you would think they would send out a news letter or something.

You kinda gotta expect delays with them. I’d prefer them to under promise and over deliver though.

As a vesc-x beta tester, I’ve been running it in dual on my killer trampa for 50 miles at least, mostly off road but also some speed runs. It seems to be really solid and worth the wait.

So much so that I trust them in my future orders for my Trampas.

Barajabali - Well that’s good to know, And I do trust them I ordered everything for my new board from them. Just wish there a bit more communication from someone, I even emailed Ossama over a week ago with no reply. But ill hold patiently as its about to snow here anyways. Thanks again for your input.

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It would be nice if they just kept us more informed about the delays. The delay isn’t as frustrating as the mystery. The enertion website still says the 23rd. If that is not still the case it should be changed on the website. That is where I would go to see if it is delayed acting as a regular consumer.


Hi I recieved mine , says v 1.3 on it .

Don’t rush it. I place my orders since the November. Just got everything 2 weeks ago. Still waiting for a placement of Nano-X remote. It came in with a broken power switch and binding issue.

Have everything ready assembled Still have to wait for another month to get my Nano-X remote. :confounded: