Has anyone replaced the lipo in the nano remote?

I am experiencing some issues with my remote. It does not hold a charge. If I plug it in and turn it on, the green light blinks. If I plug the remote in and it is off, the red light turns on. But as soon as I unplug it and turn it on, nothing happens. This started happening this morning after I left it plugged in overnight.

I opened the remote up and found that the small lipo in there is pretty puffy. I’m assuming my battery has gone bad due to not being able to run on its power.

Has anyone replaced these lipos before? Is there anything in particular I should be looking for when purchasing a replacement? I’m assuming this is just a 3.7v? Do I need to consider the C rating for this battery?

you can consider the c rating since lower c rated lipos should have a lower self discharge rate which is good for remotes. Just approximate the original size of the puffed lipo and get a replacement, you should watch out that it has a protection circuit tho. As long as they are singe cell lipos they have the same voltage range

So the current lipo does not have a lipo protection circuit on it. I’m assuming thats why it had some issues.

I just ordered a 350mah lipo with protection circuit. But it has a 20c rating. Hopefully that won’t be an issue? What you’re saying would imply that the larger rating will result in the remote self draining when not in use? Am I understanding that correctly?

I’ve never seen the size of the battery in the nano. I had wondered if it was the same or close to the size of the gt2b lipo. Those have a circuit if I remember right.

its quite small, about 35x18x7mm.

there is a light on the remote which turns on when charging, and turns off when the battery is full.

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yes exactly, also when you leave it fully charged the battery will degrade more with a higher c rated lipo storage temperature plays a role too http://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/a/c/acadcbec82841f4535190d6e44588147ee44c147.png

but all in all i would say dont worry about it this all sounds waaay worse then it actually is your new lipo will probably last ages

great, I’ll probably keep way better track of when my remote is done charging. Thanks for the useful information and link!

This is what the circuit looks like, not sure how to tell if there is a protection circuit path in there

free website to upload photos

My Nano v2 has 500mAh battery. Doesn’t show C-rating but it doesn’t even matter. 20C will be fine and any capacity will be fine. Charging circuit will take care of the battery as long as it is 3.7V (1S) LiPo. Chips on the remote have been wiped off.


I usually replace the LiPo batteries in stuff (toys, remotes, joysticks, anything really) with one of 1S micro quad ones. Depending on the size, there are plenty available and for peanuts. 150mAh, 260mAh, 300mAh, 400mAh, 450mAh, 500mAh, 600mAh…take your pick and don’t think about it too hard. As long as it fits in the case, you’re good :slight_smile: