Has Anyone seen these types of motors...Hyperion?

Came into a few motors that I think are meant for R/C airplanes, but they look exactly like esk8 motors and have specs identical to them as well. Anyone have any experience or exposure to these guys: Hyperion HP-Z5025-22CE and HP-Z5025-22

Hyperion%20HP-Z5025-22(1) Hyperion%20HP-Z5025-22 Hyperion%20HP-Z5025-22-CE(1) Hyperion%20HP-Z5025-22CE

When I hook them up to an old ESC I have laying around they seem to spin up and brake decently as you would expect…

Pretty sure most of the motors we’re using are re-purposed airplane or heli motors (one I’m using is a turnigy sk3 6374) https://www.empirerc.com/z50all.htm ^^ based on specs here they look like nice motors though don’t see any reason you couldn’t use them would just need to find a way to get a pulley on there and mount them.

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well if you googled it, you would know almost* exactly what youre dealing with image

Heres a graph from them, Idk what your CE is about on the motor, but the rest seems to be normal. Unfortunately, if youre using any 4.xx or 6.xx “clone” I wouldnt use this ( WITH A 10s SYSTEM) as it gets a little too close to the magic 60,000 ERPM number


Funny you should mention it. That’s exactly what I am attempting to do right now. Looking for a mount that will be snug on a Gullwing Sidewinder II hangar. Think I found a mount I can file down and get to work…