Has anyone seen/used these LED gauges?

I’m not sure what kind of input this is or where to find a wire to connect this to the circuit on my board and would really appreciate any help! Thanks!

image1 image2

Yep. Everywhere. https://www.amazon.com/XCSOURCE-Waterproof-Lead-acid-Backlight-BI727/dp/B071X61HW5/ref=pd_day0_hl_263_3/145-9057000-5612109?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B071X61HW5&pd_rd_r=a163cbfa-395b-11e9-bc35-6d37620f0add&pd_rd_w=tQtPI&pd_rd_wg=EQ4rk&pf_rd_p=ad07871c-e646-4161-82c7-5ed0d4c85b07&pf_rd_r=SPV22CKKBBECA0DX2GF3&psc=1&refRID=SPV22CKKBBECA0DX2GF3


It’s easy there’s 2 pins one is power one is ground hook up each wire to their battery cables after the antispark so that the display only turns on when you turn on the board. If you hook it up backwards nothing bad will happen it will only show the voltage as negative so don’t worry just use it!

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It’s a JST 1.5mm 2 pin I believe.


Awesome! Yeah I think you are right

I have one on my battery enclosure so I can check my battery levels without jumping into the Metr Pro app