Has anyone shipped their 10s5p pack from diyeboard via ground mail?

Hey, im wondering if anyone has sent their battery anywhere in the states before… im trying to send my battery to @J0ker3366 but today they said I need a special number(the U/N number? I cant remember exactly what the two letters were :x) from the manufacturer to ship it… Any ideas >-<

Ive already contacted diyeboard but I feel like its either going to be misunderstood or no answered in a timely fashion

is this avoidable entirely? when i get out of my class im going to call another packaging company who might be able to package my “dangerous goods” as fedex called it

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I have never had any issues sending my board with the battery UPS ground, within the united states. Just put one of these on the box with your phone number:


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is it that easy :thinking:

what would you guys recomend for packing it? lots of bubble wrap?

i just dont want to be a domestic terrorist… exploding batteries and all :laughing::sweat_smile:

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One of the large $18 flat rate boxes and lots of padding. Would think that’s enough.

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thats for batteries too? good to know :slight_smile:

I guess i cant go back to the same fedex… lol theyre going to be expecting a box covered in skulls and crossbones

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You can get USPS to drop off a flat rate box at your house for you and pick it up the next day.

sounds cool thanks!

i wonder if that works at a college? :stuck_out_tongue: either way now I have a way to send it out :smiley:

should i still stick that hazard sticker on my flatrate box? :stuck_out_tongue:

They always ask me if there’s anything hazardous or fragile and I say yes but they never ask which one it is

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